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10 List of Restricted Foods for Babies

10 List of Restricted Foods for Babies

10 List of Restricted Foods for Babies
10 List of Restricted Foods for Babies


Diet plays an important role in the baby’s growth process. Nutrition in daily intake is closely related to health and intelligence.

If the diet is not achieved properly, its development will be disrupted. To prevent this, you should avoid these 10 foods:

Chicken skin

Although chicken is low in fat, chicken has high cholesterol, especially the chicken skin.


Honey can indeed be a natural sweetener, but honey contains bacterial spores that produce the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum.

Drops of meat and gravel

Both are rich in amino acid compounds that the body cannot digest.

Sour fruits

Fruits that are too acidic such as strawberries and grapes will irritate the immature digestive system.

Restricted Food for Other Babies

Beef offal

These foods contain high cholesterol which of course is not good for babies to eat.

Processed foods containing preservatives

Sausage, nuggets, and smoked meats are high in salt and harmful chemicals.


Fish can cause allergic reactions in some babies, while the baby’s immune system is not fully developed.

Taste enhancer

Do not add flavor enhancers such as MSG to baby food. Monosodium glutamate compounds found in seasonings are not good for their health.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like saccharin can cause coughing, while sorbitol and mannitol – artificial sweeteners found in other sugar-free products – can cause diarrhea.

Cabbage and turnips

Cabbage and turnips should be avoided because they contain gas. It is feared that it will even make the baby’s stomach bloated.

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