2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them

2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them

2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them

2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them
2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them

Effective ways to treat stroke naturally. Stroke is a condition that occurs when the supply of blood flow to the brain is disrupted due to the blockage of blood vessels to cause the blood vessels to burst.

Effective ways to treat stroke naturally do take a long time or even a little effort to not produce maximum results.

Based on a survey of the Ministry of Health states that, severe strokes are the most terrible cause of death worldwide because since 1990 stroke is still the third after cancer and heart disease.

But lately with stroke has become the first order of death in several countries, even stroke has risen 95%. This is because, there are several other factors such as not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Uncontrolled food.

Causes of Stroke :

2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them
2 Types Of Strokes And Effective Ways To Treat Them
  1. Genetic factors.
  2. Have high blood pressure (hypertension).
  3. Rarely sports.
  4. Having high blood cholesterol.
  5. Having excess weight (obesity).
  6. Increasing age.
  7. The impact of a stroke that has been experienced before.
  8. Suffering from diabetes mellitus.
  9. As a result of consuming alcohol and smoking frequently.

But if you are interested in these alternative treatments, here are some plants that are considered as effective ways to treat stroke naturally:

1. Garlic

A study revealed that consuming garlic is very beneficial in dilating blood vessels, so as to prevent ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke is one type of stroke that occurs due to blood clots that block blood vessels in the human brain.


Based on a study, turmeric is very useful to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and help prevent blockages in blood vessels. Then other research revealed, turmeric affects the mechanism that protects and helps regenerate brain cells after a stroke. However this further study is needed to prove the efficacy of turmeric as a herbal medicine for stroke. Therefore, a doctor’s supervision is needed if you consume turmeric as an herbal stroke, or consult with your doctor.

3. Ginseng

Ginseng is also one of the herbal medicines that is useful for dealing with various diseases including strokes and others. Several studies have found that the benefits of ginseng are very good in helping to improve memory in people with mild stroke dementia, and are also good for other herbal medicines.

4. Sambiloto

The bitter forest plant which has the Latin name Andrographis Panuculata has many benefits and properties for health. One of them is efficacious to help treat mild stroke, and is good for appendicitis. Effective ways to treat stroke naturally with bitter leaf are as follows:

Take 5-7 fresh bitter leaves.

Wash all ingredients thoroughly.

Brew with half a glass of hot water.

Add a little honey, to give it a sweet taste.

Wait for the boiling water to cool or lukewarm

Potions ready to drink 1 time a day. Do not forget to also consult with your doctor to consume herbal medicines like this so that no other problems arise on your health.

Those are some kinds of efficacious traditional plants that are effective in treating stroke naturally. Hopefully the information provided above can be useful and increase the knowledge of the readers, especially for people with stroke, get well soon and keep on trying.

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