4. Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body

Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body

Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body

4. Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body. which one is healthier? Warm or cold water certainly has its own benefits and risks. Here are the benefits of warm and cold water!

Here we review 4. Benefits of warm water and cold water:

4 Benefits Of Warm Water For The Body

Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body
Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body

Warm water can provide benefits to the body in two ways, namely when consumed directly, or when you splash it on your body when you take a shower. Here are the benefits of warm water if consumed directly, and done regularly:

1. Helps Smooth Digestion

To get the benefits of warm water on this one, you are advised to consume a glass of warm water in the morning, because it can activate the digestive system which can help prevent indigestion. In addition, consuming warm water can also stimulate blood flow to the intestines and prevent constipation.

2. Remove Toxins from the Body

The next benefit of warm water is that it helps the body’s detoxification process. Water works by getting rid of substances that the body doesn’t need. In this regard, it is advisable to add a little fresh lemon juice for maximum results. Lemon will stimulate the digestive organs and remove toxins from the body in the form of feces.

3. Inhibits Premature Aging

Inhibiting aging is another benefit of warm water. As explained earlier, warm water can help the body remove toxins from within, especially toxins that can cause premature aging. Warm water works by repairing skin cells and increasing skin elasticity.

4. Blood Circulation

Not only is it able to help the body’s detoxification process, but it improves blood circulation by increasing blood circulation in the body which is the next benefit of warm water. Not only that, consumption of warm water is also able to remove fat that has accumulated in the human nervous system.

4. Benefits of Cold Water For The Body

Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body
Benefits of warm water and cold water for the body

Some lay people argue that consuming cold water can cause diseases, such as colds and sore throat. In fact, cold water actually has a variety of good benefits for the body. Here are a series of benefits of cold water when consumed:

1. Hydrates the body after exercising

When you exercise, your body temperature will increase. The benefit of cold water here is to reduce body temperature after exercise. Because it tastes fresh, cold water is suitable for drinking after exercise to prevent dehydration and can help the body burn calories better.

2. Reducing Body Fever

Lowering body fever is one of the benefits of cold water. When you have a fever, you can consume cold water to lower your body temperature. You need to maintain fluid intake in the body, because during a fever, the body will work hard to fight the causes of the fever itself.

Continuous consumption of cold water is not recommended, as it can cause muscle contraction. On the other hand, warm water can improve blood circulation while protecting the internal organs from damage.

3. Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stone disease can arise for various reasons, ranging from food and drink factors and drugs, including the habit of not consuming enough water. Fulfilling this intake in fact can help the performance of the kidneys in preventing the occurrence of these problems.

Not only that, water is also able to remove small kidney stones. These benefits can be obtained with cold temperatures. Especially if you add lemon juice, because the sour taste is said to inhibit the growth of kidney stones in your body.

4. Healthy Skin

Lack of fluids in the body can make the skin feel drier, rougher, and no longer supple. Drinking water is said to be able to overcome this problem, so that your health is maintained.

Many studies state that taking an ice bath or cold water can also increase blood flow to the skin. Thus, the condition will look more moist and smooth and fit.

Here are 3 benefits of cold water or ice water and are often not realized. that it is also very beneficial for your body’s health if used properly.

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