4 Foods That Can Cause Acne

4 Foods That Can Cause Acne

Whatever we consume, will have an effect on the body, both good and bad. Even in the case of acne, this skin problem can actually be triggered by the type of food consumed, you know. Here are some types of foods that can cause acne.

1. Sweet Foods and Drinks

Sweet foods and drinks that have a high sugar content, such as cakes, soda, and even fruit juice mixed with lots of sugar and milk, can actually cause acne. This is because these sweet foods and drinks have a very high glucose content, so they can trigger insulin and cause acne to appear.

2. Potato Chips

Potatoes are good for consumption. People who are on a diet are also advised to consume this carbohydrate source as a substitute for rice. However, if the potatoes are processed into chips and seasoned in such a way that they are very tasty, it will become an enemy for those of you who want to avoid acne.

The reason is, potato chips have a high glycemic index, so they can trigger an increase in insulin and glucose in the body. This can indirectly stimulate acne. Not only chips, french fries and bread also have a high glycemic index, which should also be avoided.

3. Oily Foods

Greasy and high-fat foods, such as fast food, can trigger acne breakouts. In addition, fast food also tends to have a high salt content, which also triggers acne.

4. Milk and Processed Food

Milk, and processed foods like cheese are good for consumption, because of their rich calcium content. However, if consumed in excess, milk and processed foods can also cause acne, you know. This is because the hormones contained in it can trigger the oil glands to continue to grow, thus triggering the growth of acne.

Some of the foods that cause acne that have been described earlier are just an overview. Acne is fundamentally related to hormones, so everyone may have different risk factors.

Simple Ways to Prevent Acne

4 Foods That Can Cause Acne
4 Foods That Can Cause Acne

Acne that suddenly appears on the face can indeed interfere with appearance. Especially if you already have plans to attend an important event the next day. Obviously acne can make you look so insecure.

However, actually the existence of acne doesn’t need to make you feel too worried. The reason is, 85 percent of the world’s population has experienced facial acne at the age of 12-25 years. A common cause of acne besides hormonal changes is clogged skin pores due to excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Acne as a skin problem is a serious problem in the United States. There are 50 million Americans who experience acne skin problems every year. Actually the problem of acne cannot be solved by treatment alone there are other simple ways you can do to prevent acne.

1. Washing Your Face After Traveling

Don’t be lazy to wash your face, especially if you’ve been traveling. Air exposure, dirty environment, and pollution are all things that can cause acne. To prevent acne, you need to regularly clean your face. But don’t be too often, because if you wash your face too often using facial cleansers you can lose your natural facial oils, which can dry out your skin.

2. Steaming the face with hot water

One other simple way to prevent acne is to get used to steaming your face on a regular basis 2-3 times a week after coming home from traveling. You just have to bring your face closer to the basin that has been filled with hot water for 10-15 minutes, then compress it with a warm towel, finally wash your face again with normal temperature water to cover open pores.

3. Eat less fatty and fried foods

You can’t just rely on cleaning your face to prevent acne. You must maintain your diet. Avoid eating too much fried food, which triggers excess oil production, coconut milk, sweet, fatty foods that make fat accumulation on the face as a forerunner to acne.

4. Do not often hold your face

Not only when it comes to acne, but under normal circumstances don’t touch your face too often. This habit can increase the transfer of germs and bacteria from other places to the face. You don’t know how many germs there are on the laptop keyboard or the toilet cover. Hand repeatedly holding different places and then rubbing the cheeks, so the germs stick to the skin and cause acne.

5. Do not go back and forth to replace facial cleansers

The bad habit of changing facial cleansers can cause acne. Facial skin is very sensitive, different ingredients actually trigger skin sensitivity and excess oil production, so it doesn’t get better, but even more acne. So to prevent acne, wear only one facial cleanser. READ MORE!

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