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5 Benefit Of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum) For Health

5 Benefit Of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum) For Health

Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum)
Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum)

5 Benefits of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum) for Health. Basil leaves are one type of vegetables that are usually made fresh salads with delicious flavors and have a distinctive aroma, basil leaves also have 5 benefits as a treatment for several types of diseases, which are used to treat acne, colds, headaches, intestinal gas, cramps stomach and others.

The nutritional of basil leaves (ocimum citriodorum)  is very high which is 100 grams, basil leaves have 22 calories, other nutrients are 0.64 grams of fat; 0.034 milligrams of thiamine; 0.076 milligrams of riboflavin; .902 milligrams of niacin; 0,209 milligrams of pantothenic acid (B5); 0.155 milligrams of vitamin B6; 0.80 milligrams of vitamin E and many more, so the basil leaves (ocimum citriodorum)  have the nickname of the queen of herbs.

5 Benefit Of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum) For Health
5 Benefit Of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum) For Health

Following 5 Benefit Of Basil Leaves (Ocimum Citriodorum) For Health :

  1. Treating cancer

The phytochemical content in basil including eugenol, rosmarinic acid, apigenin, myretenal, luteolin and ß-sitosterol in basil leaves has been shown to help some types of cancer, that is skin cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer and lungs cancer.

Basil leaves increases antioxidant activity in the body and change the genes of the body.

  1. Prevents bacterial growth

Basil can help the body from preventing grow harmful bacteria.

  1. Rich in antioxidants

Basil leaves (ocimum citriodorum)  help the body fight free radicals that can damage the structure and cells of DNA.

Antioxidant properties of herbs, namely antioxidants flavonoids that are soluble in air, viceninare and orientin will protect white blood cells from any damage..

  1. Reducing inflammation and pain

Basil leaves (ocimum citriodorum)  can help fight any type of inflammation. Eucalyptol in basil leaves reduces inflammation and pain.

Basil leaves also increase blood circulation in the area around the wound, thereby reducing swelling.

  1. Acts as an adaptogen

Basil is a plant that improves the adrenaline system and helps reduce stress levels, which are referred to as adaptogens.

Basil leaves are very effective adaptogens that can help balance hormones and manage stress levels.

Eating basil leaves will make you stress free because it can reduce blood sugar levels.

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