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5 Habits That Trigger Brain Cancer

5 Habits That Trigger Brain Cancer

5 Habits That Trigger Brain Cancer
5 Habits That Trigger Brain Cancer

Judging from the type, tumors are divided into two types, benign and malignant. When malignant, these tumors become cancerous, and need to be treated immediately before more serious complications occur. Including brain cancer, which is still not known with certainty.

Allegedly, the occurrence of genetic changes in brain cells that make their growth uncontrolled plays an important role in the development of brain cancer. However, of course there are other things that affect brain cancer that occurs in a person. Unfortunately, this bad habit is often done without realizing it. Then, what are the things that trigger brain cancer?

  • Smoking

It seems that this habit has the potential to make you suffer from diseases, including brain cancer. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause damage to body cells. As a result, this condition increases your risk of developing lung cancer and other cancers, including brain cancer.

  • Ignoring the Importance of Sleep

The amount of work makes you often forget the importance of rest to restore energy and let the body do its job of cell regeneration. Especially if you are tired of working all day, because more oxygen is wasted outside the body and makes you tired. Forcing to stay awake or staying up late triggers cancer, because of the pressure effect which refers to the formation and regeneration of cells in the brain that are abnormal.

  • Stress

Untreated prolonged stress not only makes you depressed and excessively anxious, but also invites various diseases to come to the body, including the brain. The reason is, stress affects the body’s immune system, and when this happens, cells that are abnormal are easier to develop.

If you have symptoms that refer to stressful conditions, you shouldn’t ignore them. Don’t let the stress you experience lead to dangerous health problems. If you still don’t want to tell your friends or family, you can tell the doctor through the Ask a Doctor feature in the Halodoc application. In fact, you can also make an appointment with a doctor for direct questions and answers at the hospital.

5 Habits That Trigger Brain Cancer
5 Habits That Trigger Brain Cancer
  • Excessive Device Role

Excessive use of devices is often referred to as a trigger for brain cancer, although there is no research to prove it. This one thing seems inseparable from all activities. The advancement of the internet has made a person more dependent. In fact, devices are the last thing you touch before you sleep. This one object does emit radiation, but the wave radiation from the device is relatively small.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption

As with smoking, excessive alcohol consumption never has a good impact on the health of the body. Risk factors related to liver cancer, pharyngeal cancer, breast cancer and brain cancer also increase if you increase your intake, especially if you smoke. So, avoid all the triggers and start adopting a healthy lifestyle now. READ MORE !!!


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