5 Major Benefits Of Eating Dates

5 Major Benefits Of Eating Dates

5 Major Benefits Of Eating Dates
5 Major Benefits Of Eating Dates

When fasting, the stomach will be empty for several hours. The body’s metabolism also runs slower than usual, so that the stomach needs time to adapt to receive food again after breaking the fast. Therefore, the stomach needs foods that are easy to digest and can help it prepare to receive other foods, one of which is dates. So, why is it recommended to break your fast with dates? What are the benefits of dates for health?

1. Detoxification

Dates can also help the detoxification process, which is a mechanism to remove or neutralize toxins in the body. This is because dates contain simple types of sugar, are easily absorbed, contain electrolytes, and essential minerals for the body. So, when you break your fast with dates and continue with drinking water, the digestive load will decrease and facilitate the detoxification process in the body.

2. Increase Energy

Dates have a high content of natural sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. Because, this natural sugar content can restore the body and provide the energy it needs. Therefore, breaking the fast with dates is the right way to restore energy lost after activity and fasting.

3. Improve Brain Function

5 Major Benefits Of Eating Dates
5 Major Benefits Of Eating Dates

Eating dates can improve brain function. This is because dates can reduce inflammation and prevent plaque buildup in the brain. As a result, eating dates can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, which is a brain disorder characterized by decreased memory, thinking and speaking abilities. In addition, a study reported that dates can improve brain function, including lowering the amount of stress hormone (cortisol hormone).

4. Healthy Digestive System

Consumption of dates can help maintain a healthy digestive system, including preventing constipation. The reason is :

  • Dates contain fiber which can smooth and cleanse the intestines of toxins and other harmful substances. In addition, dates can also stimulate the development of good bacteria and inhibit the growth of disturbing organisms in the intestine.
  • Dates contain amino acids which can aid digestion and increase the absorption of nutrients by the body.

5. Other Dates Benefits

Apart from the four benefits already mentioned, dates are also useful for:

  • Maintains bone strength, because dates contain minerals that are good for bone health such as selenium, manganese, magnesium and potassium.
  • Maintain heart health, because dates contain potassium which can help smooth heart regulation and keep blood pressure stable.
  • Prevents anemia, because dates contain iron which can help produce red blood cells in the body.


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