Appropriate Prevention To Avoid Gastric Ulcers

Appropriate Prevention To Avoid Gastric Ulcers

Appropriate Prevention To Avoid Gastric Ulcers
Appropriate Prevention To Avoid Gastric Ulcers

Peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer is inflammation of the stomach wall, precisely in the duodenum or small intestine and esophagus or esophagus. In normal symptoms, this condition only causes pain in the stomach. However, in acute conditions bleeding may occur.

Gastric ulcers can affect anyone, from children, adolescents, to adults. The elderly are most at risk of this health disorder. The most common symptom is stomach pain due to irritation from stomach acid touching the wound. In some conditions, pain can radiate to the neck, navel, and back. Not only that, this condition worsens at night and when the stomach is empty.

Some sufferers also feel pain in the gut, nausea, and decreased appetite. However, this disease tends to show no symptoms until it arrives at a more acute stage. So, you need to see a doctor immediately if you experience a black stool discoloration, vomiting blood, and pain that doesn’t subside. It could be, you have bleeding in the stomach.

Gastric ulcers occur due to infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria or the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, diclofenac, or ibuprofen. This disease gets worse with unhealthy habits or lifestyle, such as consuming alcoholic beverages, prolonged stress, and smoking.

Appropriate Prevention To Avoid Gastric Ulcers
Appropriate Prevention To Avoid Gastric Ulcers

Then, How to Prevent it?

Peptic ulcers make the stomach uncomfortable, especially if there is pain. So, so that this doesn’t happen, you can take the following precautions.

  • Get used to a healthy lifestyle

Diet, nutritional intake, and healthy living are the most important. Consuming a lot of alcoholic drinks, fatty foods such as fried foods, or coconut milk foods trigger an increase in stomach acid. Likewise with smoking which inhibits the healing of stomach ulcers.

Instead, you can eat probiotic-rich foods such as cheese or cheese. Avoid milk, because although it can reduce pain in the stomach, afterward there is an increase in acid in this organ which makes the pain multiply.

  • Avoid Excessive Stress and Get Adequate Rest

Excessive stress can trigger acid reflux quickly, especially if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. Not only damages the stomach, stress can lead to depression and various other health problems, such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Therefore, avoid excessive stress by continuing to think positive. Use your spare time to do interesting activities. Don’t forget to rest enough and avoid staying up late.

  • Avoid spicy and sour foods

Not only fatty and coconut milk foods, spicy and acidic foods trigger acid reflux which results in gastric ulcers. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consume it, you just need to limit the intake that enters the body. We recommend that you multiply vegetables and fruit, but don’t choose fruit that is acidic.

  • Avoid Soda

You like soft drinks? From now on, you should limit or even avoid consuming this one drink. Besides being able to trigger high stomach acid due to gas from carbonation, soft drinks also contain high sugar or artificial sweeteners, which contribute to diabetes and obesity. Read More!

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