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Best Time To Eat Fruit

Best Time To Eat Fruit

Best Time To Eat Fruit
Best Time To Eat Fruit

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about the best time to eat fruits in one day. Some say that fruit should be eaten before eating, while others believe that eating fruit should be done after someone has eaten a big meal. Then which is the correct assumption?

Fruits are a type of “super” food that is important to consume every day. The reason is because fruit is a source of nutrients needed by the body. So, in order for fruit consumption to be truly beneficial, you should first know when is the best time for the body to digest fruit that is raging into the body.

If you are in the process of losing weight, it is advisable to eat the fruit just before a big meal. Because the fiber content in the fruit can help the stomach feel full faster. So that it will suppress your appetite and prevent you from overeating.

This is important to help control body weight so that it will not cause obesity, aka being overweight. Although healthy, there are some people who are advised to avoid eating fruit before eating. For example, people with ulcers should not eat fruit that has a sour taste before eating. However, any type of fruit is relatively safe for consumption when the stomach is filled.

Another important thing to note is that the amount of fruit consumed should be in accordance with the recommendations. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes RI), through “tumpengizi”, is a recommendation for a balanced meaning pattern, recommending the consumption of 2-3 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables per day. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that consumption of fruits and vegetables per day is 400 grams.

Best Way to Eat Fruit

Everyone has different tastes and ways of enjoying food, including fruit. So far, there are several popular ways to eat fruit, namely eaten immediately after cutting, blending, mashing, and many more. But, which one is the best, huh?

The answer is eaten straight away. Because the content of nutrients, vitamins and fiber in fruit eaten directly is still intact. In contrast to fruit that is juiced, the content of vitamins and fiber will be reduced. Some experts even say that the fruit that is juiced has no nutritional content, especially if a large amount of sugar is added.

The fruit that is juiced is in fact just a liquid that contains vitamins, without fiber. Though the fiber in fruit is very important to smooth the digestive tract, and helps bind fat and sugar.

If you choose to eat the fruit directly, then make sure to eat the fruit as soon as it is peeled and cut. Don’t leave the fruit too much at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Because the pieces of fruit that are left alone can cause the good nutritional content of the fruit to disappear. These substances are usually destroyed when exposed to sunlight, wind, or heat, so that the fruit no longer has an optimal impact on the body.


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