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Bleeding Disorders Treatment

Bleeding Disorders Treatment

Bleeding Disorders Treatment
Bleeding Disorders Treatment

The volume of blood in the human body is estimated at 8 percent of body weight. So that blood becomes one of the important components for the body. Blood is used to transport food, oxygen and hormones in the human body. Human organs will function properly without any blood problems.

However, there is one disease to watch out for related to blood disorders, namely hemophilia. Hemophilia is a disorder of the blood due to a lack of protein used to clot blood when a person has an injury or bleeds naturally from the body. As a result, people with hemophilia experience bleeding that lasts longer than people in general.

The level of hemophilia in each person is also different, the less protein in the blood, the worse the hemophilia is experienced by the person. Unfortunately, hemophilia cannot be cured. But don’t worry, people with hemophilia can still live normally as long as the patient’s treatment is good in preventing symptoms or when hemophilia occurs.

Symptoms of Hemophilia

Usually, the most important symptom of people with hemophilia is bleeding that is difficult to stop when a person has bleeding in the body such as the nose, gums or skin sores. In addition, usually people with hemophilia also experience bleeding spontaneously or naturally in the gums, nose, or joints without an obvious cause.

However, it is necessary to watch out if spontaneous bleeding occurs around the skull. Usually, the symptoms are characterized by headache, nausea and vomiting, visual disturbances and paralysis around the facial muscles. If you experience symptoms like these, people with hemophilia should be treated immediately.

Hemophilia Treatment and Prevention

There are two types of treatment for people with hemophilia that you need to know. The first is medication to treat symptoms and the second is treatment when bleeding occurs. How to deal with symptoms and prevent bleeding, usually the patient is given a drug by injection that is carried out for life for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, if there is bleeding, the doctor gives an injection that is adjusted to the level of hemophilia suffered.

How to prevent bleeding, sufferers should avoid brushing your teeth too hard. Also, avoid sports with lots of physical contact. Don’t forget to avoid the injuries that can occur when you do your daily activities.

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