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Breast Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know

Breast Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know

Breast Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know
Breast Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know

 Breast cancer is one type of disease that must be very aware of, because it can trigger dangerous effects. The bad news, this disease is often difficult to detect because in the early stages of cancer is generally still small. Breast cancer is generally characterized by the appearance of a lump in one or both breasts. But keep in mind, not all lumps that appear on the breast are definitely cancerous.

To be sure, it is very important to do an examination, one of which is BSE, aka self-breast checking. Breast cancer occurs due to the formation of cancer cells in the breast tissue. The cells in the breast are formed and grow abnormally, even uncontrollably, then form a tumor. Cancer can form in the glands that produce milk, aka lobules or in the ducts that carry milk from the glands to the nipples. There is a possibility that cancer can also form in the fatty tissue or connective tissue in the breast.

Best Time to Detect Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know
Breast Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know

Knowing the early symptoms of this disease is very important. Therefore, breast cancer that is detected quickly has a higher chance of a full recovery. Breast cancer that has been treated at an early stage may no longer require mastectomy or chemotherapy. Symptoms of breast cancer can vary, from the appearance of a lump in the breast, changes in breast shape and size, reddened skin of the breast, bleeding from the nipple, until the nipple is pulled inward.

Even so, not all lumps and symptoms that appear on the breast are a sign of cancer. One way to detect it is to do breast self-examination, aka BSE. The best time to do BSE is a week after menstruation ends. Routine self-examination can help you recognize your own breasts and can easily detect any abnormalities that arise.

When you find an oddity in your breasts, you can immediately check with your doctor to find out the cause. BSE should be done regularly every month. Examinations to detect breast cancer include a physical examination of the breast by a doctor, mammography, aka breast ultrasound, and overall medical history.

Early breast cancer screening includes a physical examination of the breasts to the doctor as well as mammography or breast ultrasound. This disease should not be taken lightly, because breast cancer is no less deadly than cervical cancer. The sooner the disease is detected, the higher the successful treatment rate. In addition to routine BSE, you are also advised to maintain a diet and live a healthy lifestyle. READ MORE !!!

People who have risk factors or symptoms of breast cancer are advised to exercise regularly. The reason is, physical activity can actually help keep the body healthier. In addition, it is also important to help maintain an ideal body weight to prevent this disease. Breast cancer can also be avoided by reducing alcohol consumption. The habit of consuming alcohol can lead to health problems in the body as a whole, including triggering breast cancer.

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