Causes Of Hernias In Men In General

Causes Of Hernias In Men In General


Causes Of Hernias In Men In General A hernia is a disease or protrusion of an abnormal organ in a man’s testicular sac through an abnormal hole in the cavity wall. This is caused by increased pressure in the body with weakness in the wall below the human stomach. In this condition the internal organs or parts of the organ stick out or tear.

Where this will form a swelling that will increase the size of the testes.

This can also occur with a state of coughing and excessive lifting of weight, and when passing stools and urine with a long squat.

The following causes of hernias in a man

1. Weaknesses in body walls: 
  1. Default weakness.
  2. Weakness due to injury, muscle wasting, suppurative lesions on the wall and there are weaknesses, obesity, lack of exercise, repetitive pregnancy, and heavy lifting.
  3. Surgical operations with improper suturing or sepsis at the operated site

2. Increased pressure organs in the body.

1. Chronic constipation.
2.  A very long cough.
3. Lift weight that exceeds body weight.
5. Urethral stricture.

causes of hernias in men in general
causes of hernias in men in general

Several Types Of hernias In Humans

a. Inguinal hernia:

An inguinal hernia is the contents of the stomach through the inguinal canal (through the lower abdominal wall just above the inguinal ligament. This is seen on both sides). This male sex is common in men.

b. Femoral Hernia:

hernia yang satu ini lebih sering terjadi pada wanita. Here the contents of the stomach pass through the femoral canal which looks just below is moved between the du thighs and the lower abdominal wall (inside the femoral triangle). Fill in and pass through the open hole in the thigh and make the swelling under the skin

c. Umbilical hernia:

This is common in children. Umbilikus is a weaker abdomen. The contents of the stomach can bulge like a bulb like swelling when crying and defecating.

d. Incisional hernia:
These hernias are seen in the former operated. Due to improper suturing or sepsis, the operating position becomes weak, causing swelling/hernias

e. Strangulation:
If the hernia hole narrows because of choking, the contents of the stomach may not return easily or normally, and then blood flow to the hernia tissue can become blocked due to constriction. It can also cause intestinal death which is prominent and very dangerous.

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