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Causes Of Onset Night Blindness

Causes Of Onset Night Blindness

Causes Of Onset Night Blindness
Causes Of Onset Night Blindness

Some people can’t see at close range, some people can’t see far away. However, there are others who cannot see when dusk falls, or when the light becomes dimmer than usual. This condition is called night blindness, or nyctalopia in medical parlance. This visual disturbance occurs due to damage to the function of stem cells in the retina.

In fact, the eye can adjust conditions even in dim light. In night blindness, the ability of the eye to see decreases when the incoming light is reduced or when the light dims. There are many factors causing this, here are some common ones :

  • Cataracts. This eye disorder is common in the elderly and has a risk of occurring in people with diabetes. Cataracts cause the lens in the eye to blur or appear cloudy.
  • Retinitis pigmentosa. This condition occurs when there is an accumulation of pigment in the retina which causes a narrowing of the field of view. Unfortunately, this eye disorder cannot be treated.
  • Usher’s syndrome. Not only attacks vision, this disease affects the sense of hearing.
  • Glaucoma. Is a disease that causes damage to the optic nerve due to pressure from inside the eye. This disease gets worse with time.
  • Keratoconus. The condition of the thinning of the cornea due to low levels of antioxidants in the cornea. This causes the breakdown of collagen tissue and protrusion of the cornea.
  • Vitamin A deficiency. This is a common cause of visual disturbances, including night blindness. One of the causes is cystic fibrosis, which makes the body unable to absorb vitamins and fiber.
  • Nearsighted. Nearsightedness is the inability of the eye to see all objects that are far enough away.

Night blindness makes it difficult for sufferers to focus on seeing objects at dusk or dim light. Of course, this condition interferes with daily activities, even if the sufferer often drives at night. Therefore, an advanced examination is needed for sufferers.

Causes Of Onset Night Blindness
Causes Of Onset Night Blindness

The tests carried out ranged from color examination, eye refraction, retina examination, field of view, checking visual acuity, pupil reflex to light stimulation, and if necessary, blood tests to determine levels of vitamin A and glucose.

Meanwhile, the treatment performed depends on the severity and the main cause. If it is mild, treatment can be done using contact lenses to help sharpen the focus on objects at night.

If the cause is a lack of vitamin A intake, you need additional vitamin A supplements. If the cause is another eye disease, further action is needed, including surgery, such as if the cause is cataracts or glaucoma.

Even so, if the case is due to a genetic condition or is inherited, night blindness tends to be incurable. Therefore, you are advised not to do activities, such as driving in the evening and at night to maintain your safety. Read More !

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