Cellphone Addiction, Women Are More Vulnerable to Neck Pain

Cellphone Addiction, Women Are More Vulnerable to Neck Pain

Cellphone addiction has been linked to neck pain. This is because the position of looking down every time it is fixed on the cellphone, makes the neck ducked in for a long period of time.

Mobile phone users usually bend the neck slightly forward while reading and writing messages. It is not uncommon to turn the neck to the side and hold on to this awkward position for a long time. These postures place uneven pressure on the soft tissues around the spine causing neck pain. And it turns out, women are more vulnerable to experience. What is the reason? Check out the explanation here!

Why Are Women More Vulnerable?

Cellphone Addiction, Women Are More Vulnerable to Neck Pain
Cellphone Addiction, Women Are More Vulnerable to Neck Pain

There are many factors that explain why women are more prone to neck pain. Genetics and a predisposition to psychological stress make women prone to neck tension syndrome and headaches.

When a woman is under psychological stress, it can greatly reduce blood circulation around the neck and shoulder muscles which can lead to stiffness. The hormone estrogen is also another explanation why women are prone to neck pain.

The hormone estrogen affects the central nervous system, which is responsible for feeling and transmitting pain. Also, physical differences also play an important role, so that women are more vulnerable. Women have a different neck shape than men, so they can compress joints, muscles, and bones in very different ways than men.

The spinal canal in women is also narrower than in men and has less cartilage at the back of the neck joint which provides less cushioning which can lead to increased injury damage.

Therefore, being aware of different physical and psychological structures can make women who are addicted to cell phones more prone to neck pain than men.

Why Do People Get Addicted to Cellphones?

If according to technology addiction experts, Dr. David Greenfield from the United States said, cell phones give a surprise sensation of new things. For example, incoming e-mails, WhatsApp messages, social media notifications, which make people always curious and want to always have these new things.

This information actually triggers the action of dopamine, which controls the pleasure center in the brain. When these chemicals are released, they taste good and will leave us wanting more than anything that raises dopamine levels.

In fact, not only does it have an impact on neck pain, cellphone addiction can also affect your overall psychology, mental and physical health. There are people who are addicted to cellphones to the point of being overweight.

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