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Danger Of Masturbation

Danger Of Masturbation

Danger Of Masturbation
Danger Of Masturbation

Masturbation is a sexual activity carried out without intimate contact, this may be very much both men and women do it. This sexual activity can be done either by men or women without the help of others. various reasons for someone to masturbate. Generally, masturbation is done to get sexual satisfaction, sleep, relaxation, and addiction. But there are also those who make masturbation an outlet for stress in their lives. But behind all this does not get a lot of bad effects from masturbation.

One of the myths circulating in the community about the effects of masturbation is to treat the emergence of excessive acne, blindness or addiction to the disruption of mental problems / decreased brain performance.

But not a few assume that masturbation can improve sleep quality, improve immune function, reduce stress to increase endorphin production and relaxation. However, behind the benefits of masturbation that can be obtained, so many negative effects of masturbation that can occur.

Negative Impacts of Masturbation or Masturbation:

1. Trigger the prostate

In several studies show that young men who frequently masturbate have a higher risk of prostate cancer in a very fast period. However, in contrast, in older men, masturbation activity can actually reduce the risk of prostate cancer. however, further research is still needed to confirm this, which is clearly Masturbation or masturbation is not recommended for long health.

2. Sperm valve leaking

Masturbation that is too often done will interfere with nerves such as interference with the ability of the semen to open and close at the right time. The result is very fatal sperm and semen do not only come out when erect. The mucus can come out at any time like snot even though the penis is not in an erection condition.

3. Skin irritation to penile fracture

Masturbation is arguably the safest sexual activity to do. This is because many risks will occur as long as you do it yourself. Masturbation / masturbation can also make penile injury, and can also appear in the form of skin irritation, many adverse effects due to masturbation such as the occurrence of penile fracture caused by the force of bending the penis during an erection. This condition will cause the penis to swell and break. improve the quality of your life and maintain health for your future. CLICK TO READ MORE

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