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Danger Of Oily Food

Danger Of Oily Food

Danger Of Oily Food
Danger Of Oily Food

Oily foods often make many people tempted, consume oily foods such as french fries, fried bananas, and other oily foods often make many people become snacks during the afternoon. But consuming oily foods apparently are not always good for health. Frying food is indeed more practical than other cooking methods, but you need to pay attention to its impact on health. Many bad effects of oily foods for the body that we can not underestimate.

The following are the dangers of oily food :

  1. Damaging good bacteria in the intestine

In our intestines there are many good bacteria known as microbiomas that function to maintain the body’s immune (immune system). Now there is plenty of evidence to show that what you eat will affect the balance of bacteria in your intestines. But if you consume too much oily food, it will damage the good bacteria in your intestines. Of course the result is a weakened immune system disruption of digestion to damage the immune system.

  1. Increase the risk of obesity

    Danger Of Oily Food
    Danger Of Oily Food

Foods that are high in fat and oil are usually also high in calories, because in 1 gram of fat is equivalent to 9 calories. So, one teaspoon of oil contained in food can be estimated to contribute about 45 calories. If you regularly eat fried foods and lots of oil can make you fat and obese quickly. read more

  1. Increase the risk of cancer

An unhealthy, high-fat and oily diet not only makes you obese and heart disease, but also increases the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer or lung cancer.

Although until now researchers are still developing research to ensure that connection, the National Cancer Institute recommends consuming no more than 10 percent of your calories from saturated fat every day and as much as possible to eliminate trans fats from the foods you consume every day to reduce risk cancer.

  1. Causes acne

According to several research experts in the United States, Ayla Barmmer, oily foods also greatly affect the body’s outside parts, such as the skin. The appearance of Acne is much influenced by hormones or bacteria that are not balanced, such as consuming lots of oily and high-fat foods.

Hormones or bacteria that are not balanced are also caused by an unhealthy digestive system condition. This is what can affect the onset of acne on the skin. the more often you eat oily foods, the greater the risk of growing pimples on your skin.

Hopefully it is useful to protect your health by consuming nutritious foods and natural foods.

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