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Difference Between Hiv And Aids

Difference Between Hiv And Aids


Difference Between Hiv And Aids
Difference Between Hiv And Aids


Although the names of these two diseases often go together, HIV and AIDS are two different things. HIV is a virus, while AIDS is a disease caused by infection with the HIV virus.

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that attacks a person’s immune system by destroying a specific part of the immune system to fight the virus. This part of the immune system is known as CD4 cells. HIV infection makes the condition of CD4 cells drop dramatically and makes your body unable to fight infection.

Meanwhile AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a long-term impact of HIV infection. AIDS is a chronic disease caused by HIV infection. Not all people with HIV infection will experience AIDS. However, a person with AIDS is certain to have HIV infection.

Many people with HIV infection can live for a long time because people with HIV have not been infected with AIDS. People with HIV infection can be said to have contracted AIDS if the CD4 cells in the body drop to less than 200 cells per 1 cc of blood.

In fact, what is transmitted from HIV / AIDS is HIV which is a virus that can be transmitted to other people. The HIV virus is transmitted through the exchange of body fluids, for example through semen, vaginal fluids, unprotected intercourse, blood transfusions, and the process of breastfeeding by breastfeeding mothers who have the HIV virus.

HIV and AIDS Have Different Symptoms

Difference Between Hiv And Aids
Difference Between Hiv And Aids

HIV and AIDS have different symptoms. Most people with HIV infection do not realize that they are infected with the HIV virus. This can be caused by symptoms of HIV infection that are similar to influenza symptoms such as fever, constant feeling of fatigue, a rash on the surface of the skin but not itching.

In addition, there can be swollen lymph nodes, muscle pain, sore throat, night sweats and sores or mouth sores around the mouth.

AIDS has more severe symptoms than the symptoms of a person with the HIV virus. The decrease in the number of CD4 cells causes the body to be unable to fight the bacteria that enter, so that people with AIDS are more susceptible to disease, even diseases that have never been experienced by AIDS. There are several symptoms of AIDS that need to be known, namely: Read more !

  1. There is a thick white coating on the tongue or mouth due to a fungal infection.
  2. Sore throat.
  3. Feel tired and dizzy.
  4. Weight loss drastically for no apparent reason.
  5. It is easier to experience bruises on body parts.
  6. Often experiences diarrhea, fever, and excessive sweating at night.
  7. The presence of swollen lymph nodes in several parts of the body such as the throat, armpits and groin.

How To Prevent HIV And AIDS

Although different, the HIV virus and AIDS are incurable. But just like other diseases, the HIV virus and AIDS can be prevented by doing several things such as:

  1. When a mother is infected with the HIV virus, it is best if she is advised not to breastfeed her newborn baby. This condition can cause the baby to contract the HIV virus.
  2. Using a safety guard or condom when having sex.
  3. Routinely carry out an HIV test if you feel you are at high risk of contracting the HIV virus 

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