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Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

Effects Of Alcohol On The Body
Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

Alcohol is one of the most consumed substances in all parts of the world. Drinking small amounts of alcohol may not directly affect your health. However, if you feel the effects of alcohol on the body it turns out you can feel it at the first sip, in addition to making you drink and feel the heat on burning needed for a long time will also have adverse effects on health.

What effect does alcohol have on the body?

The effect of alcohol on physical health is still being considered and not many people consume it regularly. In fact, drinking it is too expensive to be fatal to the body.

The following effects of alcohol are not good for the body:

1. Cause dependence

The most obvious and common effect of alcohol is that it can cause alcohol dependence or addiction. You will not be able to leave alcohol addiction. If you are addicted and try to reduce alcohol consumption, you will experience symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and this is what can then make you go back to looking for and consuming this unhealthy drink.

2. Seizures / epilepsy

Drinking alcohol can cause seizures until epilepsy. The use of drugs to treat seizures does not have much effect on alcoholics

3. High blood pressure

Alcohol can also disrupt the sympathetic nervous system, which functions to control the narrowing and dilation of blood vessels in response to stress, temperature, and activity. Meanwhile, drinking alcohol and overeating can cause high blood pressure to burst blood vessels. Over time, this effect can also become chronic. High blood pressure can cause many other health problems, such as kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke.

4. Irregular sleep

For a moment alcohol does have a good effect for rest, it seems like it helps you to sleep. But the fact is not the case. Alcohol actually interferes with the sleep cycle and makes you unable to rest soundly. You will also often wake up at night to urinate.

5. Shrink the brain

Another effect of alcohol on the body is that if consumed long-term can affect the size and performance of your brain, in the long run, alcohol can reduce the brain and interfere with the coordination, thoughts, memories, and body temperature, on your memories. .

6. Acute pancreatitis which interferes with the process of digestion

Consuming Alcohol Besides causing stomach irritation, alcohol consumption also causes gastric irritation or gastritis. Chronic pancreatitis interferes with the process of digestion, abdominal pain that does not last until diarrhea for a long time. Cases of chronic pancreatitis are triggered by gallstones, but 60 percent of research results come from alcohol consumption.

7. Triggering liver damage

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause inflammation and disease in the liver. because this organ is forced to work excessively. Finally, the effect of alcohol on the liver can trigger cirrhosis or formation of scar tissue in the liver. Cirrhosis will decrease the function of your heart for its users.

Basically the effect of alcohol on the body is very dangerous. If you have difficulty leaving alcohol consumption, you should consult a doctor to get the right treatment. Don’t be addicted to alcohol because it will continue to reduce your quality of life, remember that healthy is expensive and you need to maintain it.



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