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Facts About Diabetes 2021

Facts About Diabetes 2021

Facts About Diabetes 2021
Facts About Diabetes 2021

Have you ever consumed kale vegetables? If so, chances are you’ve heard that eating kale can cause drowsiness. So you should avoid eating these foods during the day if you don’t want your concentration to be distracted at work. Is that right? It turns out that it’s just a myth, you know, because there is no research that shows that kale can make you sleepy.

Then what about diabetes? There are many myths and facts about diabetes, let’s find out the following.

Myth 1: Diabetics should avoid foods that contain sugar.

In fact, diabetics are allowed to eat their favorite sweet foods on condition that they are not excessive. That is, if you really want to eat a sweet dessert, discuss it with your doctor first. If the doctor has given the green light, you may include it in the diet list every day.

Myth 2: A high protein diet is believed to be very good for diabetics.

In fact, studies have found that excessive protein consumption, especially those from animal origin, can lead to insulin resistance, which is the essence of diabetes. Therefore it is better to have a balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Our bodies need all three of these nutrients, so a balanced diet is best for diabetics.

Facts About Diabetes 2021
Facts About Diabetes 2021

Myth 3: Massively reducing carbohydrate consumption is considered good for diabetics.

In fact, a balanced diet is best. Therefore, carbohydrate consumption must also be adjusted according to the portion, not completely. If you focus too much on reducing carbohydrates, it cuts down the source of fiber your body needs. As a result, blood sugar levels can actually increase.

Myth 4: If you have diabetes, you won’t be able to eat like a normal person.

In fact, a healthy diet for diabetics as well as for those who don’t are the same. You can still eat the same menu with family and friends, it’s just a slightly different diet. You have to start paying attention to the pattern of balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat. The most important thing is to exercise to stabilize blood sugar. READ MORE !!!


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