food for someone with anemia

food for someone with anemia

Good Food for People with Anemia

food for someone with anemia
food for someone with anemia

The types of food below certainly contain high levels of iron. Since iron is a substance needed for the formation of hemoglobin, people with anemia are advised to consume the following foods

1. Meat

Red meat is rich in vitamin B12 which is good for the formation of hemoglobin. However, it would be better if red meat is consumed without fat or contains little fat. According to experts, people with anemia are advised to regularly eat red meat 2-3 times at a time.

Make sure to process red meat properly so as not to lose the nutrients in it. Don’t forget to clean the meat before cooking and make sure it’s completely cooked.

2. Spinach

Among all types of green vegetables, spinach is the vegetable with the highest vitamin content. The content of vitamin A, vitamin B19, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium in spinach has many benefits for people with anemia. Most importantly, the fiber content, beta carotene and iron in spinach can prevent the body from lacking red blood cells.

When processing spinach, avoid overcooking it as it risks removing its nutrients. People with severe anemia can consume spinach twice a day.


Eggs are a very easy to find food ingredient. The good news is that one egg contains 1.02 milligrams of iron. Of course, this is good news for people with anemia. Apart from being easy to find, eggs are also effective in reducing symptoms of anemia. Not only iron, eggs are also famous for their high protein content and antioxidants to ward off free radicals.

Eggs are also easy to process into various dishes. However, it would be better if you eat it by boiling it, not frying it. You also have to pay attention to the portion of eating eggs, don’t overdo it.

food for someone with anemia
food for someone with anemia

4. Oysters

Oysters are one type of seafood that is effective at increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood. This is because, oysters contain iron, protein and vitamin B12. As previously explained, iron is needed to help form hemoglobin. Eat oysters at least twice a week.

5. Tomatoes

It’s not just green vegetables that have the benefit of iron. The proof, tomatoes also contain iron which is quite high, about 3.39 milligrams per one cup. Another fact, it turns out that tomatoes also play a role in increasing the body’s ability to absorb iron. The reason is because tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C and lycopene, which work effectively in accelerating iron absorption.

To maximize the benefits of tomatoes, you can eat them once a day. You can consume tomatoes by mixing them into other foods, making juice without sugar, or eating them directly. Read more !!!

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