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Food Preservative Dangers

Food Preservative Dangers

Food Preservative Dangers
Food Preservative Dangers

Brain tumor is a disease that occurs due to the growth of abnormal cells in or around the brain organs. This disease can actually affect anyone, but mostly occurs in adults. So, what exactly causes a person to develop a brain tumor? Is it true that consumption of preservative foods can trigger this disease?

Unfortunately, it is still not certain what causes brain tumors in a person. However, there are several factors that are said to increase a person’s risk of developing this disease, including heredity and side effects of radiotherapy procedures.

Although the cause is not known with certainty, people who have or are at risk of brain tumors are advised to stay away from unhealthy lifestyles, one of which is the habit of eating preservative foods and containing artificial sweeteners. In addition, also avoid exposure to radiation rays and stop smoking to avoid brain tumor attacks.

In addition to the unknown cause, the symptoms that arise due to this disease can also vary from one person to another. Symptoms that appear are usually influenced by the size, growth rate, and location of the tumor. Symptoms of the disease may not appear in tumors that grow slowly.

Over time, the tumor will begin to put pressure on the brain and cause symptoms to appear. Some of the symptoms that often appear as signs of a brain tumor are seizures and headaches. If a brain tumor grows in a certain location, the brain’s working system may be disrupted and cause these organs to not function properly.

Get To Know Brain Tumors And How To Treat Them

Food Preservative Dangers
Food Preservative Dangers

Basically, there are various brain tumors which are then divided into two groups based on their development. Brain tumors can be divided into benign brain tumors that are not cancerous and malignant brain tumors that are cancerous. In addition, brain tumors are also differentiated based on their level, namely grade 1 to grade 4.

Brain tumors that are classified as benign and do not have the potential to become malignant are at levels 1 and 2. Whereas at levels 3 and 4, brain tumors usually have the potential to become cancer, aka malignant brain tumors.

A thorough examination is needed to diagnose this disease. Because, diagnosis and treatment must be done as early as possible to facilitate treatment. It also aims to prevent tumors from becoming more serious.

Brain tumors usually do not spread and remain in one place only. Even so, this disease should not be underestimated. Therefore, a brain tumor can exert pressure and damage the area around it. Treatment for brain tumors depends on the type, size, and location of the tumor.

If needed, the brain tumor may need to be treated through a surgical procedure. Usually, brain tumors that have been surgically removed will disappear and rarely come back. In other words, the disease will stop after the operation and will not cause the problem to continue in the future. However, it is still possible for the tumor to come back, for example in stage 2 glioma brain tumor. Read More !!!


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