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Foods That Are Food For Nails

Foods That Are Food For Nails

Foods That Are Food For Nails
Foods That Are Food For Nails

For some people, nail health is often neglected. In fact, unhealthy and poorly maintained nails can be a preferred area for disease-causing bacteria.

If left untreated, nails can become brittle. This condition is one of the signs of a fungal infection which in the medical world is called onychomycosis.

This fungus often attacks toenails rather than fingernails as a result of using shoes. Because toenails are often closed, you can develop fungus, which likes to live in damp and dark areas.

You certainly want to have nails that are always healthy and beautiful, right? Apparently, there are a number of things that can strengthen and beautify nails, you know. Here is a list of foods for nails:


The first food for nails is edamame. Soybeans provide cysteine, an amino acid necessary for the production of keratin (a protein found in nails). Additionally, edamame is a good source of folate and is necessary for the production of new nail cells.


Eggs are one of the best food sources that contain biotin and B vitamins, so they are effective in promoting protein production in the nail matrix (the tissue that produces nail cells).

For this reason, biotin is a vitamin for good nails. It is noteworthy that the best source of obtaining biotin is the intake of natural ingredients. Taking biotin supplements that are currently on the market does not necessarily provide similar benefits.

Foods That Are Food For Nails
Foods That Are Food For Nails


Who would have thought, cashews are also food for nails. Rich in iron, cashews are needed for cell division and protein synthesis which is essential for nails. read more !!!


Salmon is a fatty fish rich in protein, biotin, fatty acids and omega-3. All three are essential nutrients for healthy nails. Not only that, salmon is rich in vitamins B6 and B12, which will keep your nails from breaking, breaking, peeling, or getting damaged. Those are the types of foods that are good for nail health. Create healthy nails by eating a variety of the foods above, yes. In addition, make it a habit to live a healthy lifestyle such as eating regularly, exercising diligently, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. May be useful!

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