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Healthy Food to Avoid Baldness

Healthy Food to Avoid Baldness

Healthy Food to Avoid Baldness
Healthy Food to Avoid Baldness

Hair is a crown for women. It is very important to maintain and maintain hair, so that the appearance looks beautiful and elegant. Likewise with men, hair is a supporting appearance. However, what if the hair falls out and causes baldness?

This condition will certainly be very uncomfortable, both for women and men. Therefore, you can consume these foods to prevent hair loss and prevent baldness.

What Foods Can Prevent Baldness?

Healthy Food to Avoid Baldness
Healthy Food to Avoid Baldness

Along with an unhealthy lifestyle, hair can experience loss, even leading to baldness. Apart from poor care, exposure to direct sunlight and pollution are also often the reasons for hair to become brittle. Therefore, apart from caring for hair, one can work around this by changing diet, including providing good nutrition for hair to avoid baldness. Here are the types of foods to prevent baldness:

  • Walnuts

The content of omega fatty acids in walnuts and vitamin B7 can help prevent hair loss and strengthen hair follicles. In addition, the content in walnuts can encourage hair regrowth.

  • Almond nut

Almonds contain a lot of biotin and magnesium which are important for healthy hair. Eating almonds regularly can make hair grow thicker, healthier, and faster.

  • Red meat

Consuming red meat twice a week can increase ferritin and iron so that it can be a food to prevent baldness. Ferritin is an iron storage protein needed to produce cell protein in hair. A deficiency in ferritin can generally increase hair loss and shorten the phase of hair growth.

  • Wheat

You will be surprised to know that this one food can be a weapon against baldness. Wheat is rich in fiber, zinc, omega 6 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Apart from that, oats also contain a large amount of B vitamins which help promote hair growth. In wheat also found beta glucan which can strengthen hair follicles.

  • Tuna fish

Tuna is rich in omega 3 and is good for brain development and hair growth. Omega 3 is able to nourish the hair shaft and cell membranes on the scalp, so that hair becomes healthy.

Omega 3 can also maintain hair elasticity and prevent hair brittleness due to drying. Apart from tuna, omega 3 can also be obtained from salmon and sprouts.

  • Spinach and Broccoli

As a way to prevent baldness, you also need to increase your intake of vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Both of these vegetables contain vitamins A and C. Both of these vitamins play a role in the formation of natural hair oils that keep hair from breaking easily. Vitamin C increases the iron level in the blood, so the scalp can take advantage of it.

  • Milk

Milk is an alternative choice for someone who has bald hair problems. Milk-based foods and drinks, such as skim milk and yoghurt, are a source of vitamin A. In addition, milk is also useful for increasing sebum production on the scalp, so it can help prevent baldness problems. Read More !

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