How Much Sperm Donors Get Paid

How Much Sperm Donors Get Paid

How Much Sperm Donors Get Paid

How Much Sperm Donors Get Paid
How Much Sperm Donors Get Paid

The more sophisticated the development of technology, there are many ways to get children. One way that is quite popular in developed countries like the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Sperm donation means the act of a man who voluntarily donates semen containing sperm to a partner or woman who wants to have children. Once obtained, the sperm will then be inserted into the female reproductive system of prospective donors through a process of artificial insemination. If desired, fertilization can be done through IVF process.

Laboratory Director and Bank of New England Cryogenic Center, Grace Centola, Ph.D. argued that being a sperm donor is actually not that simple. Men who want to do it must meet a number of conditions and procedures that must be passed. The process is quite complicated and takes a rather long time.

The process and stages of sperm donors :

  • Knowing the donor’s background
  • Medical examination
  • Age
  • Physical health
  • Genetic testing
  • Check disease history
  • The donor’s personal history of how his sexual behavior

Like some developed countries Sperm banks in hospitals are looking for men aged between 20 years to 45 years and their health conditions must be good. In addition, sperm donors do not have bad signs such as hair loss, color blindness and not ideal body weight. Like in China, In China Sperm Donors Are Paid 5,700 Yuan, Requirements Must Be Communist, love the socialist homeland, support the Communist Party leadership, be faithful to the party’s goals, be law-abiding and free from political problems, this is the sound of the state hospital’s announcement.

Besides China, a sperm bank in California called California Cyrobank (CCB) paid 125 dollars for each donated sperm. That means, you will receive 1500 dollars a month if you regularly donate sperm 3 times a week.

Besides getting money, there are many other bonuses given by Sperm Bank. Among the other incentives provided are movie-watching tickets and free health checks. Even so, income from donating sperm is also still subject to tax.

So, add one more reason if you want to donate sperm. In addition to helping others, donating sperm can also improve your wallet. But this must also be ensured that health is paramount in the work. Read More

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