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How To Live Healthier Lifestyle

How To Live Healthier Lifestyle

How To Live Healthier Lifestyle
How To Live Healthier Lifestyle

Maintaining health is a provision that must be prepared. One popular way to maintain health is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. But unfortunately, there is very little awareness of the importance of exercise. Especially in people who live in urban areas.

In fact, there are many reasons a person can spend the day without exercising. Well, if you are a person who has a high level of activity, you need to know what kind of sport is suitable! Namely the type of exercise that doesn’t take too long, but has benefits that are not inferior to other sports. What is that?

The answer is running. You only need about 5 minutes to do it. The trick is to run as fast as possible and without stopping during this time. In fact, a study states that this exercise can provide benefits such as running leisurely for 45 minutes.

Running for five to ten minutes is said to prolong life by several years. This is certainly much better and profitable compared to people who never exercise at all.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do other types of exercise. If you have more free time, try to do other types of activities to avoid feeling bored which can lead to lazy exercise.

Because, basically all types of exercise have their own benefits for the body. You can try other sports that are no less simple and fun, such as walking in the park, playing tennis, jogging, cycling, or working out at the gym.

Need Commitment

How To Live Healthier Lifestyle
How To Live Healthier Lifestyle

In fact, the hardest thing about sports is getting started. Because, most people feel reluctant to feel tired and sweaty. In fact, leaving sports is one thing that can have an impact on the body and can affect your mood too.

Routine exercise every day can maintain a balance between the energy that enters and leaves the body. Adults are advised to do daily exercise with moderate intensity and sufficient duration. Namely, moderate intensity exercise for 150 minutes a week or high intensity exercise for 75 minutes a week.

However, the average population around the world has not been able to meet the recommended exercise dose. In fact, the research conducted shows that people who exercise for 45 minutes will actually get healthy benefits.

Perceived health changes such as better oxygen circulation in the body and are associated with a reduced risk of premature death. In addition, people who regularly exercise will experience a decrease in fat in the bloodstream, which is linked to cardiovascular disease.

Well, in fact it doesn’t take long to exercise, even just five minutes. This means that you have absolutely no reason to skip exercise. In addition to making you healthy, exercising also has benefits for improving your mood, aka mood. Because, exercising can stimulate the body and brain to produce hormones that can suppress stress and make a person happier. read more !!!

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