How To Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

How To Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

How To Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)
How To Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The corona virus, which is once again endemic, has attacked thousands of people in various parts of the world and claimed hundreds of lives. In this article we will discuss how to prevent from getting infected by this epidemic disease, there are several ways you can do to prevent the transmission of Corona virus to you and your family.

This deadly virus until now no one can find a solution to cure it, but prevention is the most appropriate way before it’s too late. When infected with the Corona virus, a person will experience symptoms of flu, fever, cough and runny nose. However, a few days after that, people infected with corona virus infection can experience shortness of breath due to infection in the lungs / pneumonia, the World Health Organization (WHO) appealed to the public not to underestimate this disease and always take precautionary measures and maintain personal hygiene and consume nutritious food.

Several ways to prevent the Corona virus called COVID-19 :

How To Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)
How To Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

1. Use a mask

Surgical masks or surgical masks are disposable masks that are commonly used. This mask is easy to find, the price is affordable, and comfortable to wear, so many people use this mask when they are on their daily activities. Although not entirely effective in preventing exposure to germs, the use of these masks can still reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, including Corona virus infections.

2. Avoid direct contact with animals that have the potential to transmit coronavirus

Coronavirus which is thought to originate from bats and spread by several mammals and other reptiles. Therefore, avoid contact with these animals

If you want to eat meat or fish, make sure the meat or fish has been washed and cooked until thoroughly cooked. Avoid eating meat or fish that are not fresh or rotten, let alone consume them alive. And make sure to consume foods that are truly common and worthy of food. read more Danger Of Masturbation

3. Wash your hands regularly

Wash your hands regularly, especially before and after you eat, after using the toilet, especially public toilets, and after coughing or sneezing. Make sure to drink lots of warm water, don’t let your mouth dry because dehydration can also make you get infected with the virus.

4. Keep your distance from people outside the room

Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between you and others who cough or sneeze. Why? When someone sneezes or coughs, they spray small drops of liquid that may contain viruses from the nose or mouth, and this is very worrying if your opponent has been exposed to the corona virus.

5. Update information

Update information and follow medical advice about the latest information regarding the development of corona virus / Covid-19. Follow the advice given by healthcare providers both government and private institutions.

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