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How to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy Program

How to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy Program

How to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy Program
How to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy Program

Many women who really pay attention to their appearance and beauty to look their best every day. One thing that can enhance your physique is to keep your skin smooth and radiant using several treatments. Even so, some women who are in a pregnant program often ask whether it is okay to do skin care because it might be bad for the fetus. Here’s a more complete discussion!

All women who are running a pregnant program must pay attention to many things, from food intake, physical activity, to all beauty care products such as those used on the skin. Maybe you’ve read a review that says if someone who is trying to get pregnant, should really pay attention to all cosmetic products used, including skin care.

In fact, every woman who is pregnant can experience many skin problems, such as acne and dry skin. Well, prevention of all these things can be done before pregnancy so that the skin still looks beautiful and smooth. Even so, you can use not all products because they may have content that has a negative impact on fertility levels.

Some Cosmetic Ingredients That Need To Be Avoided While In A Pregnant Program:

How to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy Program
How to Take Care of Skin During Pregnancy Program

1. Retinoids

This skin care product is indeed effective for preventing acne, pigment disorders and plaque psoriasis. This content is a type of vitamin A which can accelerate cell division and prevent skin collagen from being damaged. However, this content should be avoided by pregnant women and in pregnant programs. The reason is, high doses of vitamin A can harm the fetus and cause birth defects. Therefore, it’s good to avoid all cosmetics that contain retinoids so that they don’t have a negative impact on your future pregnancy.

2. Hydroxy Acid

Some skin care products that contain hydroxy acids, such as beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) are also worth avoiding. The reason is, this content contains acid in high doses which can cause birth defects and various pregnancy complications. Indeed, very little of this content can be absorbed into the skin when applied topically. However, it is better to prevent than to cure isn’t it. Especially if used regularly.

3. Essential Oil

Women who are in a pregnant program should also avoid skin care in the form of essential oils. Some sources say that this product can increase the risk of contractions when a woman experiences pregnancy later. Some ingredients that need to be avoided include cumin, rosemary, fennel, and oregano oil. It is important to maintain a healthy body so that it does not have a negative impact on the fetus in the womb later.

Therefore, try to use special skin care products for pregnant women because they are safe and do not contain harmful ingredients. It is certain that you can avoid all the bad effects, such as disorders of the endocrine system, absorption of carcinogens into the bloodstream, to cause birth defects. By avoiding all these products, it is hoped that the future pregnancy will be healthier and safer for the development of the baby. READ MORE!

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