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How To Treat a Stroke

How To Treat a Stroke

How To Treat a Stroke
How To Treat a Stroke


How To Treat a Stroke
How To Treat a Stroke

The traditional bitter plant which has the Latin name Andrographis Panuculata has so many benefits and properties for health. One of them is efficacious to help treat mild stroke. Sambiloto is also one type of plant that has muscarinic effects on blood vessels, effects on the heart and effects on cells. Not only that, but this plant also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

How to Make Traditional Potions for Stroke

  • Take 5-7 fresh bitter leaves.
  • Wash all ingredients thoroughly.
  • Brewed with half a glass of hot water.
  • Add a little honey, to give a sweet taste.
  • Wait for the steeping water to cool slightly (warm).
  • Potions are ready to drink, (and these herbs are taken 2x a day).


This banana is apparently not a rare fruit or fruit that is difficult to find. Because, in Indonesia, these bananas are easy to find and get. Besides bananas are often used as a dessert, the efficacy of bananas is also no longer in doubt because these bananas are classified in tropical fruit which is enriched with potassium content so that these bananas can be used for natural remedies for stroke. Apart from these bananas are efficacious to prevent stroke, bananas are also able to help cure the condition of stroke sufferers. As shown from the results of the study, that by eating 3 ripe bananas a day can provide enough potassium intake to reduce the chance of blood clots in the brain by 21%. While the results of a study conducted by the American College of Cardiology confirm, to prevent stroke, the body will need 1,600 mg of potassium, while this banana contains 500mg of potassium which is useful for thinning blood clots which are a cause of stroke.

Red ginger

Ginger is usually used as a type of spice for additional cooking spices, besides that this ginger is also often used as a body warmer drink. The spicy flavour that ginger has can help the body become warmer and the body also gives a delicious and distinctive taste on the tongue. Not only that, but this ginger can also be used as a remedy for colds and is a panacea herbal medicine to help treat several types of diseases, including also efficacious to be used as an alternative stroke medicine in which this ginger contains substances that can prevent the occurrence blockage of blood vessels. Apart from that, gingerol in ginger also has anticoagulant properties that are able to ward off blood clots which is a major trigger factor for heart attack and stroke.

Mixing Traditional Stroke Medicines from Traditional Plants

Materials that need to be provided include:

  • 20 grams of red ginger.
  • 20-gram ceramic leaves.
  • God leaves 30 grams.
  • 40-gram noni fruit.
  • Wash thoroughly all ingredients that have been provided.
  • Cut all ingredients.
  • Boil with four cups of water.
  • Wait until the water boils and only one and a half glass.
  • Filter boiled water and cool.
  • Potions are ready to drink.

Dosage: this herb is taken 3 times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening after eating and with a dose of half a glass every 1x drink.

Mangosteen skin

Did you already know that the mangosteen peel that has often been used as trash by the public apparently contains so many benefits for the health of the human body? Well, one of them is the mangosteen skin is efficacious to be used as a deterrent as well as a natural remedy to cure strokes.

This is because mangosteen rind contains xanthone compounds which is a powerful antioxidant that is very useful for health. Which mangosteen peel has always been processed into boiled water that can be used to help treat various diseases, including this stroke? The xanthones compound in the mangosteen peel consists of maclurin, certain, A-mangosteen, B-mangosteen, isomangosteen, garcinia A, B, C, D and E.

The function of xanthone compounds in mangosteen peel is to fight free radicals and to prevent cell damage. In addition, this mangosteen skin also has other properties for the body that is able to increase endurance, relieve pain, normalize blood pressure, prevent cancer and facilitate digestion.

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