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Is Bathing At Night Dangerous?

Is Bathing At Night Dangerous?

Is Bathing At Night Dangerous
Is Bathing At Night Dangerous

There is information circulating about the dangers of bathing at night. This habit is said to be able to trigger health problems and have a bad impact on the body. Is it true that this can happen? What is the danger of taking frequent baths at night?

Many people believe that bathing at night can be bad for health. However, this has not been fully proven. There are still not many studies that prove the harmful effects of a night bath. Even so, that does not mean that this can be used as a habit and often done. It is feared that frequent bathing at night can disturb the body’s condition, making it susceptible to disease.

The danger of bathing at night is often associated with an increased risk of rheumatic disease attacking. However, it turned out to be a myth. Bathing at night does not cause rheumatic disease at all.

On the contrary, regular night baths with warm water are said to help relieve rheumatic symptoms. Apart from warm water, you are also advised to take an occasional shower with plain water to help reduce muscle pain after daily activities.

However, this only applies to adults. Bathing at night is not recommended for babies at all. The habit of bathing babies too late is said to increase the risk of your little one experiencing hypothermia. This condition occurs when the body temperature drops drastically, to below 35 degrees Celsius. The risk of this condition increases because babies are prone to temperature instability in the first three months of life.

Babies are prone to hypothermia because their body’s ability to regulate temperature is not yet perfect. Beware if the baby has symptoms, such as rapid breathing, pale body, trembling, and body temperature turning cold. If this happens, immediately seek medical help to overcome it, especially if your little one experiences this after taking a shower or being exposed to cold water.

Even a night bath is useful, how come?

Is Bathing At Night Dangerous
Is Bathing At Night Dangerous

Bathing at night has not been proven to be dangerous and cause health problems. On the contrary, this can actually be useful. In certain conditions, a person is encouraged to take a shower at night, for example when going to surgery. Aim to clean yourself by showering at night before surgery is performed.

Night baths are also recommended for people who sweat a lot during the day or during activities. Bathing at least at night can help cleanse the skin and make sleep better and better quality.

If in doubt and want to avoid the bad effects of a night shower, you can use warm water while bathing. In fact, taking a warm bath can make the body feel more comfortable, relaxed, and stimulate drowsiness. However, you can still use plain water if you feel more comfortable.

Although it is said to be more useful, it is better not to take a night shower in certain circumstances, for example when you are sick. If you have certain health complaints or problems, make it a habit to always discuss with your doctor before deciding to take a shower at night. This is important to prevent bad effects from attacking.

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