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Know Savant Syndrome in Children with Autism

Know Savant Syndrome in Children with Autism

Know Savant Syndrome in Children with Autism
Know Savant Syndrome in Children with Autism

The condition of autism is often viewed negatively by society. In fact, many people with autism are blessed with intelligence above average. This condition occurs when people with autism have savant syndrome. What are the conditions like?

Savant syndrome is a rare condition, usually seen with a certain intelligence that is especially pronounced in people with autism. This syndrome can be seen or even striking, because it usually presents with certain conditions, usually autism spectrum disorders, which are also owned by nonautists with a level of intelligence (IQ) below average.

People with Savant Syndrome Have Extraordinary Abilities

The reason is, as many as one in ten people with autistic conditions have extraordinary abilities at various levels. Although savant syndrome occurs in other developmental disabilities or in other types of central nervous system disease injuries. Whatever the talents, abilities or expert skills are associated with immense memory in the owner of the savant syndrome.

Usually, the special skills possessed by people with savant syndrome can vary. There are those who are talented in the fields of music and art, some are prominent

in the exact sciences, such as mathematics or mechanics. Amazing, right?

Know Savant Syndrome in Children with Autism
Know Savant Syndrome in Children with Autism

Keep in mind, an expert who became a “scholar” and a gifted autistic person are not the same thing. There are many autistic people with ordinary talents, but autistic people with savant syndrome are rare.

That is, a person with autism who is able to count well, is good at playing musical instruments, or presents himself as highly capable, by definition, is not an expert.

Is Savant Syndrome a Good Thing?

Of course, parents of autistic children will feel lucky when they find out that their children have great intelligence and abilities behind autistic conditions. In fact, few people with autism are educated, although many of them are very intelligent. It is estimated that one in ten autistic people is a scholar.

There is nothing wrong with seeing savant syndrome as a positive thing. However, these conditions do not always make life easier, and in some cases can make life more difficult.

Some autistic scholars have extraordinary abilities that can be extended or channeled in useful directions. For example, some gifted autistic artists and musicians may sell their unique work (through their parents or managers, of course).

The role of parents is also related to the development of the talents of children with savant syndrome. Ideally, the development is in the form of a combination of education for gifted children, namely enrichment, acceleration, and mentoring. Meanwhile, children with savant syndrome who have autism also need to get education about visual support and development of social skills.

A study shows that children with autism and savant syndrome who undergo a correct education can make significant progress. On the other hand, his social life, academic grades, and ability to communicate will also improve.

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