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NATURAL TREATMENT FOR THYPUS. Typhus develops due to the bacterium Salmonella Typhosa, an infectious disease also known as typhoid fever. There are several types of traditional natural medicines or herbs that are easily available in the environment. The people who develop typhus usually will experience symptoms, including high fever and increase slowly in the evening until early morning, body chills, feels tired, headaches, muscle aches, no appetite and experience abdominal pain until diarrhoea. Typhus can actually be prevented by maintaining cleanliness and sanitation. This disease is only transmitted from human to human. What needs to be watched out for potential typhus infections is the environment, especially faeces and urine that can contaminate food or drink. So, food hygiene and handwashing are the keys to avoiding typhus.

Here are some natural ingredients that can be used to relieve typhus and are easily found around us:

  1. Garlic is a spice that is very easy to get in the kitchen as one of the main ingredients of cooking. Garlic can also be used as an alternative to relieve typhus because it has uses in boosting immunity, ridding the body of harmful poisons, and can accelerate the healing process.
  2. Basil Leaves leaves that are commonly eaten for salad menu or decorating these food offerings can also relieve typhus. Basil leaves have antibacterial and antibiotic properties so they can relieve colds and stomach aches, as well as boost immunity.
  3. The Banana that is easily obtained can also be used to relieve typhus. Eating bananas every day is believed to be able to relieve typhoid fever because this fruit contains soluble fibre that can absorb fluid from the intestines to treat diarrhoea. Bananas can also replace electrolyte loss during typhoid fever, which makes it difficult for sufferers to eat as usual. It is recommended, eat 2-3 bananas every day while still feeling a fever until it feels subsided.
  4. Carrots Like garlic and bananas, carrots are certainly very easy to get. This type of vegetable is believed to relieve typhus sufferers because it contains antioxidants that can increase immunity. Carrots can be eaten immediately after washing, made into juice drinks, or steamed first. In addition, carrots can also be served in the form of soup with various other types of vegetables. Honey, It’s no secret if honey is famous for its properties to treat various diseases. Typhus also apparently can be alleviated by consuming honey. Honey is believed to overcome digestive disorders and eliminate bad bacteria from the body. If you suffer from typhus, drink honey as often as possible.

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