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Often Eating Fresh Bread Makes You Fat?

Often Eating Fresh Bread Makes You Fat?

Often Eating Fresh Bread Makes You Fat?
Often Eating Fresh Bread Makes You Fat?

White bread is a source of carbohydrates commonly eaten by Indonesians. The taste tends to be sweet, the texture is soft. Plain bread is often served for breakfast or a snack, either toast or filled with chocolate, butter, peanut butter, and so on. Well, there is an assumption that often eating plain bread can make you fat. Is this opinion true?

There is a study in Spain that was presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Bulgaria in 2014. The study states that consumption of white bread makes people more likely to be fat and obese than consumption of whole wheat bread. These results were obtained after experiencing the eating habits and weight of 9,200 Spaniards for five years.

Uniquely, participants who ate white bread and whole wheat bread did not experience a higher risk of weight gain. Meanwhile, participants who ate only white bread had a 40 percent higher chance of gaining weight or obesity compared to people who ate less than one serving of white bread once a week.

However, the study did not show a clear cause-and-effect relationship. Only the link between the consumption of white bread with a tendency to be overweight and obese.

body fat is the result of an imbalance between calorie intake and calories expended. These excess calories build up over time, causing them to store them in the form of fat. So, if you eat a lot, especially sweet foods, without being balanced with enough activity, then the fat will accumulate.

Calorie needs vary from person to person. Male calorie needs are greater than women. This calorie requirement also depends on the activity. The more activity a person has, the more calories are needed.

Field workers will need more calories than office workers who sit more. However, in general, the average daily calorie requirement for an adult male is 2,500 calories, while an adult woman needs about 2,000 calories.

Eating one loaf of bread every day with a content of 175 calories will certainly make you fat. However, unfortunately, the consumption of plain bread will not be complete if it is not consumed with other additives such as butter, peanut butter or strawberries, and others. Of course, this addition adds to the calorie content, especially if consumed in excess. This is also true with other foods.

As a safer and healthier option, choose whole wheat bread. You can replace the filling with healthier ones, such as lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and egg white. Wheat contains higher fiber than ordinary white bread. So, the combination of wheat, vegetables, and egg whites will keep you feeling full longer and help maintain ideal body weight. Read More !

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