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Overcome Obesity with Herbal Medicine

Overcome Obesity with Herbal Medicine


Overcome Obesity with Herbal Medicine
Overcome Obesity with Herbal Medicine


Being overweight, let alone obese, can be very troublesome. It is not only a matter of difficulty finding clothes sizes that fit the latest trends in shopping centers, but also limited body movement and the threat of disease due to excess weight itself.

There are so many ways in which to lose weight. Starting from a strict diet program, diligently working in the gym, liposuction, or the use of other cutting-edge technology, or it could be in a more traditional way such as by drinking herbal medicine.

Whether it is because of a friend’s recommendation that is said to be effective, seeing the many testimonials on social media, traditional claims, or being tempted to see an advertisement, many people are curious about slimming down with herbal medicine. Especially if various weight loss efforts have been tried but have not shown results.

The question is, is the consumption of herbs to overcome obesity or excess body-safe for drinkers?

The safe way to drink herbal medicine to lose weight

Overcome Obesity with Herbal Medicine
Overcome Obesity with Herbal Medicine

Natural ingredients such as eggs, turmeric, and other traditional ingredients can be more beneficial when processed and consumed in a pure manner.In addition, you can use several natural herbs as ingredients for homemade herbal concoctions to help treat obesity, such as:

Ginger: can help lose belly fat

Oregano: consists of leaves of mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and sage which contain carvacrol compounds that are effective for controlling fat and losing weight.

Ginseng: can maintain the microbiota in the intestine and control body fat.

Turmeric: helps deal with inflammation naturally and lose weight.

Black pepper: contains piperine compounds that can inhibit fat formation.

Cinnamon: to control appetite and hunger.

Green coffee: contains chlorogenic acid which can help you lose weight.

Cumin: helps burn fat in the body.

Even though it’s natural, try not to over-consume it. Do not consume more than one tablespoon (14 grams) per day so as not to cause adverse health effects. Regardless of whether or not herbal medicine is consumed, prioritize a healthy diet. Also increase physical activity with regular exercise, and adequate rest as the main way to get the body free from being overweight and obese.

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