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People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide, Really?

People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide, Really?

People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide, Really. Although autism has often been socialized to the public at large, in reality there are still many people with autism in Indonesia who have not received favorable acceptance and treatment from their surrounding environment. People with sufferers are often ridiculed, even bullied by people around them. It is not surprising that people with autism experience depression more often so they are prone to suicide. Check out the further explanation here.

A study from Coventry University suggests that people who have autism are more likely to attempt suicide. The trigger is the feeling of unwanted feeling felt by the sufferer, is often underestimated by the community, and the sufferer’s opinion that he is only a burden to family and friends.

Previously, several studies have studied the relationship between people with autism and an increased risk of suicide. A study in 2015 found that people with autism are indeed 10 times more likely to die from suicide than people in general. Especially in women with autism.

People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide
People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide

But recently, a study showed that people who have not been diagnosed with autism, but who have characteristics of the disorder are also at risk of suicide.

The study, published in the Journal of Autism Research, examined 163 people aged 18-30 years. They were asked to fill out an online survey to see their level of autism, depression and suicidal behavior. The characteristics of autism include difficulty socializing and communicating, attention to detail, and a tendency to have narrow objects of obsession.

Not only in adults, children with autism are also at high risk for attempted suicide. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children with autism who have problems with social communication are the most likely to harbor suicidal thoughts when they are teenagers.

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Reasons People With Autism Suicide

People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide
People with Autism Are More Prone to Suicide

Feelings of depression are the most common underlying cause for people with autism to commit suicide. The trigger for this feeling of depression is the pressure or bullying you get from those around you.

As we know, there are still many people with autism who are victims of bullying, both in school and in public places. The act of intimidation includes disparaging views, ridicule, and even mocking words.

In addition to feelings of depression, feelings of not being accepted by the environment can also make people with autism think about trying to kill themselves. As social beings, people with autism also want to be accepted, appreciated, and treated equally in society.

Symptoms of a person with autism to actually commit suicide are often obvious, but many people mistakenly think that these symptoms are part of the symptoms of autism. As a result, the suicide rate in people with autism continues to increase. So, observe further the behavior of the person.

If there is behavior that is unusual and suspicious, you should immediately take the person to a psychologist for help. Support from family and loved ones is also needed to prevent people from experiencing depression.


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