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People With Hiv

People With Hiv

People With Hiv
People With Hiv

People who have been infected with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA must be extra careful in maintaining their health. Due to poor care of symptoms and the risk of complications of the disease can make PLWHA more vulnerable at risk. However, for people with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA is not the end of everything no one knows our death when and where. Follow these tips so that HIV sufferers can always live healthy and actively undergo daily routines like before without feeling hopeless.

Some people After being diagnosed with HIV / AIDS, maybe your life will change and everything will be meaningless. However, that does not mean living with HIV makes you no longer deserve to have the same rights as other people, you also have rights like ordinary people. Every person with HIV / AIDS can still actively take a role in the social environment, including by continuing to move and work normally.

In the following we will share tips for people with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA who can maintain their health:

1. Take Medicine Regularly

The first healthy tips for people living with HIV are diligently taking medication regularly and regularly. HIV is not curable and not even one expert has found a solution to this problem. However, HIV sufferers can undergo existing treatment to prevent the spread of the virus to others while controlling HIV symptoms and risking complications for sufferers.

People With Hiv
People With Hiv

2. Maintain A Healthy Eating Pattern

For people with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA Make sure the food you consume contains balanced nutrition which includes protein, carbohydrates, fiber, good fats, and vitamins and minerals. Do not forget to count also the intake of calories that enter your body by consulting a doctor. Continue to consult with your doctor. Usually people living with HIV experience drastic weight loss. If the body of an HIV sufferer is thinner and malnourished, more calories will be needed. Until susceptible to complications of other diseases.

3. Regular Sports

Sport is indeed one of the most appropriate choices for people with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA. Choose the type of sport that you like, whether it’s yoga, running, biking, swimming, or even just relaxing walking. Doing something that you really like can encourage you to keep doing it, including in sports, and can relieve stress for people with HIV / AIDS or PLWHA.

4. Being in a supportive environment

A person convicted of suffering from HIV / AIDS will surely experience despair or a point in his life when the mind gives up, and has no hope of fulfilling his mind and enthusiasm. This condition requires the environment around people with HIV to be supportive, motivate and provide support morally and financially, the most important thing is not to stay away from them and people with HIV / AIDS must also find a good environment for them. HIV sufferers are not dangerous to be invited to get along normally, the virus will not be transmitted just like that. So being good friends, shaking hands, and communicating with them won’t bring you the same problem.

hopefully useful and keep the spirit of daily routine continues. and make sure your death does not know anyone in this world, continue to reach your goals and share the benefits with those around you. healthy greetings.

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