Steamed or Boiled Food is Good for Diet

Steamed or Boiled Food is Good for Diet

Steamed or Boiled Food is Good for Diet

Steamed or Boiled Food is Good for Diet. Did you know that cooking determines the nutritional quality of food? Especially for diet participants, they not only have to pay attention to the intake of food consumed, but also the process of food before serving. Steamed or boiled foods are better than fried or roasted. However, between steaming or boiling, which one is better for the diet? Here is a food process that is good for the diet:

1. Steaming

Processing food by steaming makes the good content in food ingredients well preserved and not easily damaged. Hot steam when steaming does not attract vitamin compounds contained in food ingredients. Steaming can actually cause toxic compounds, such as pesticides or cyanide, to be removed from vegetables.

A good food process for this diet is able to retain nutrients in food up to 82 percent. If you steam broccoli, these vegetables only lose 11 percent of their antioxidant content. A good food process for this diet is recommended for vegetables that contain water soluble vitamins. The goal is that vitamins are not lost during the steaming process. Remember, don’t steam too long to keep the green color of the vegetables fresh.

Not only can it retain antioxidants in vegetables, the steaming process can also increase the nutritional content of vegetables. One of the nutritional content that increases during this process is polyphenols. The increase in nutrition itself can reach 52 percent, because the heating process is not excessive and not submerged in water. If they are cold, they can also be reheated without affecting the quality of the food.

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Steamed or Boiled Food is Good for Diet
Steamed or Boiled Food is Good for Diet

2. Boil

The process of processing food by boiling will involve water and vegetables. This process is claimed to remove active compounds from the vegetables themselves. As a result, the nutrients and good content in boiled vegetables are lost. For example, boiling broccoli or spinach makes the folate content in both vegetables disappear by up to 50 percent.

Not only that, the boiling process can also remove the content of vitamin C and several B vitamins which are water soluble. More antioxidants in boiled vegetables will also be lost when exposed to hot water for a long time. Not only that, but boiling vegetables can reduce polyphenol levels by 38 percent.

That’s a good food process for a diet. Although both are good because they are not processed by frying, steaming is still better than boiling food ingredients. If you want to know more about a good food process for a diet, please discuss it directly with your doctor. Read Also !


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