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Symptoms For Asthma Attack

Symptoms For Asthma Attack

Asthma is a frightening disease for everyone, because it is difficult to breathe under normal circumstances, avoid the symptoms of asthma symptoms In addition to using traditional medicines derived from ancestors, there are also a number of simple things you can do to relieve asthma symptoms.

1. Avoid trigger factors

The effects of natural or medical asthma medications may not work optimally if you continue to be exposed to trigger factors. Therefore, it is important to know your asthma triggers so you can avoid them during treatment.

Some of the things that most often trigger asthma attacks include:

  • Inhalant allergens. For example dust, animal dander, pollen, tree sawdust, stinging perfumes and fragrances, air pollution from vehicle exhaust fumes / chemical fumes from factory waste / cigarette smoke, and others.
  • Sports or physical activity is too heavy.
  • Cold and dry windy weather, hot weather supported by poor air quality (full of pollution), and drastic temperature changes.
  • Are experiencing upper respiratory infections such as colds, flu, or bronchitis, or pneumonia).
  • Side effects of certain drugs. For example painkillers (aspirin and ibuprofen) and beta-blockers for heart disease.
  • Has a history of certain food allergies.
  • Has a history of acid reflux disease
  • Food or drinks that contain preservatives
  • Excessive singing, laughing or crying.
  • Excessive stress and anxiety.
Symptoms For Asthma Attack
Symptoms For Asthma Attack

2. Breathing exercises

Learning to breathe properly can also be used as a natural way to control the recurrence of asthma attacks. Why?

Good breathing techniques can help reduce stress and regulate your breathing patterns more regularly. Now, when you are in a state of stress, you will instinctively apply good breathing techniques to regulate breathing.

3. Yoga

Another natural treatment that you can do to relieve asthma symptoms is with a yoga routine. When you do yoga poses with certain poses, you will be forced to adjust the pattern of breathing while keeping your posture in balance.

The more complicated the yoga pose is, the more your body will automatically command the lungs to take and exhale slowly. This is done to save energy when you really need it

In addition to practising breathing, yoga can also relieve stress. For most people, doing yoga for at least 30 minutes a day can help relieve stress, which can trigger asthma attacks.

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4. Use an air filter

Triggers of asthma attacks are generally in the form of small particles that are invisible. Take for example dust, mould, pollen, mites and other allergens. Well, so that the air in your room is guaranteed from asthma exposure, you can use an air filter.

5. Swim

Swimming is the sport most often recommended by doctors for asthmatics. Various studies have also revealed that routine swimming is more effective to relieve the severity of asthma symptoms than just taking medication.

The high humidity of the air around the swimming pool can help moisturize the respiratory tract of patients so that it is not too dry and easily irritated. No wonder if swimming can be a relatively safe natural remedy for asthma.

6. Routinely check lung function

Doctors often advise asthmatics to routinely check their lung function with a peak flow meter. This tool will measure the amount of airflow inhaled by the lungs.

You just put the tip of the tool into the mouth. Then inhale as usual and exhale into the cavity of this tool. The highest number coming out of the peak flow meter shows that your breathing function is in good condition. Meanwhile, if the number is low, it means your lungs are not working properly and there are signs that there will be an asthma attack.

7. Eat healthily

The best types of foods for people with asthma are high in vitamin A C D E, beta-carotene, magnesium, selenium, flavonoid antioxidants, to omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t forget, eat at least one apple every day.

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