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The Benefits Of Acidophilus

The Benefits Of Acidophilus

The Benefits Of Acidophilus
The Benefits Of Acidophilus

What is The Benefits Of Acidophilus ?

Acidophilus is a good bacterium found in the human body. The bacterium named is Lactobacillus acidophilus does indeed live in the digestive system, urinary tract, and human genital area without causing disease. Lactobacillus acidophilus can be found in some fermented foods such as yoghurt and food supplements.


How does it work?

Some several studies show that:

  • The normal addition of flora bacteria that’s help digest food and absorb nutrients, such as vitamins, including fat-soluble vitamins and protein. Acidophilus is also a substance that helps digest various types of lactose for sufferers of lactose intolerance.
  • This bacterium can help treat diarrhoea, including types of infections such as diarrhoea viruses in children and diarrhoea in tourists. Usually used to prevent and treat diarrhoea related to antibiotic use, and against foreign organisms that can cause diarrhoea.
  • Able to suppress infections caused by bacteria such as eczema (skin allergies), acne, and infections in the vagina. Can be used to treat the symptoms of spleen disease, itching, and enhance the immune system. These bacteria work by fighting and preventing the growth of bad bacteria.
  • Acidophilus helps control high cholesterol. The to works is by binding to cholesterol in the digestive system on the cell surface, and combining it into the cell membrane so that cholesterol will not be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Another possible action of Lactobacillus acidophilus is to prevent recurrence of bladder cancer. Unfortunately, there is no research to confirm this theory.

The Dose:

How much the dose of acidophilus for adults?

Acidophilus is a bacterium that is used according to certain cases and health conditions. For adults, consumed that contained 15 million colony-forming units (CFUs) daily for digestive health in good health condition. High a dose that causes mild digestive problems, while lower consumption may not be sufficient.

For children, consult with your paediatrician for the right dose before giving it with probiotics, or other food supplements for babies and children. The use of acidophilus for children must be highly considered, especially for toddlers.

The dosage of using this herbal supplement should match like doctor’s referral for each patient. The dosage also should match your age, health, and some conditions. The herbal supplements not always safe for your body, consult for your doctor to have the appropriate dosage.

What forms of acidophilus are available?

Acidophilus is a herbal supplement that can be available in the form of:

  • Capsules, tablets, chewable tablets, or powder
  • Dairy products (acidophilus milk, yoghurt)
  • Fluids for medical purposes in the female genital area (vaginal suppositories)

Contained in each form about 500 million until 10 billion cultures of bacterial organisms.

Side effects

What side effects can acidophilus cause?

Common side effects include:

  • Bloating
  • Serious infections, bacteremia (people with immune system disorders)

Not everyone experiences these side effects. There may also be other side effects not listed above. If you have more attention to certain side effects, consult your herbalist or doctor.


What should I know before taking Acidophilus?

For people who have lactose intolerance, stop using supplements in the form of dairy products, it is recommended to take Lactobacillus acidophilus in supplement form. You should talk with your doctor about using it in food for the treatment and prevention of infection.

You should take antibiotics as prescribed, even if an infection is caused by a parasite. Acidophilus is a substance that may be added to a food or dish menu without changing medical therapy, diet, or exercise lifestyle.

The regulation of taking herbal supplements is laxer than the consumption of drugs. Further studies are needed to determine the safety of consumption. The Acidophilus benefits of taking herbal supplements must outweigh the risks. Consult your herbalist or doctor for more information.

How safe is acidophilus?

The dairy products are not recommended for consumption for the people who are sensitive or allergy to lactose. Products containing acidophilus may be used during pregnancy and are allowed for children over 3 years. Supplementation of L.

Supplementation of L. acidophilus in the first 6 months can increase the risk of allergy to cow’s milk for some children. You must be careful when taking it if you have a condition:

  • High fever
  • Indigestion
  • Short bowel disease
  • Immune problems or lactose intolerance
  • Fixed orthodontic equipment (eg stirrup), chewing problems, or irregular teeth. READ MORE

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