The benefits of sleeping with a thick blanket

The benefits of sleeping with a thick blanket

The benefits of sleeping with a thick blanket
The benefits of sleeping with a thick blanket

Adequate and sound sleep is a joy in itself. By getting adequate rest, the body will feel fitter and more enthusiastic in activities throughout the day. In addition, health can be maintained better. Unfortunately, for some people, getting a good night’s sleep is difficult.

When you experience insomnia, let alone getting a good night’s sleep, trying to close your eyes to relax so that you can sleep quickly feels like torture. Can only roll around on the bed. Can not sleep even though the body actually feels very tired.

Sleep with a thick blanket

To deal with insomnia there are many ways you can do. Starting from adjusting the diet and drinking patterns to adjusting the conditions ofthe bedroom. Launching, one quite effective way to deal with insomnia is to sleep with a thick blanket. Courtney Bancroft, Psy.D., a licensed clinical health psychologist specializing in insomnia and sleep health, reveals that putting a load on the body sends a signal to the brain that we don’t need to be awake to the dangerous things around us. A thick, heavy blanket is especially helpful for people with restless leg syndrome because the weight of the blanket helps the feet stay still and not move.

Blankets that are thick and heavy can provide comfort and safety for us. For those who often experience insomnia, you can try choosing and using a thicker or heavier blanket to fall asleep faster. It’s just that if you have medical problems such as respiratory problems or have poor blood circulation, you need to consult a doctor first.

Some additional tips you can try to treat insomnia and get better sleep include taking a warm shower before bed, turning off all your devices at least an hour before your sleep schedule, getting enough morning sunshine, and avoiding caffeinated foods and drinks. If the problem of insomnia does not go away, consult a doctor to get more appropriate treatment. READ MORE !!!

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