The Benefits Of Swimming

The Benefits Of Swimming

The Benefits Of Swimming
The Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is one sport that is very good for the body. This sport trains various parts of the body and is good for the heart. However, not many people know that swimming is also good for the brain, especially children’s brains.

The benefits of swimming for children’s intelligence are mainly obtained when children learn to swim from an early age. Swimming affects brain chemical activity and aids development, both cognitively and emotionally.

The study also states that when swimming, a person will perform a sea diving response or a mammal diving response. The body will respond and compensate by storing oxygen in a different place than usual. Then what is the effect? So, this increase in blood to the brain is ultimately the basis for the benefits of swimming for children’s intelligence.

Improve Memory

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that functions for memory. As we get older, the cells in the hippocampus can be damaged.

Swimming can repair damaged brain cells, one of which is in the hippocampus. Damaged brain cells, or when brain cells are damaged due to stress, can be replaced by swimming. You need to know, when children swim, the oxygen needed will be greater. This need will make the hippocampus in the brain bigger, the flow of oxygen will be greater.

Improve Mood

One of the important benefits of swimming to know is to improve your mood. Because when swimming, the body will release endorphin hormones. This hormone is in charge of providing a sense of relaxation.

In addition, swimming movements such as breathing in and kicking are meditative movements so they can have a calming effect afterward.

The Benefits Of Swimming
The Benefits Of Swimming

Development of Better Cognitive Function

Related to children’s intelligence, in fact swimming can improve a person’s cognitive function. This benefit is obtained from an increase in blood flow to the brain when swimming, which helps improve memory and focus power.

This increase in blood flow to the brain is greater when swimming compared to sports on land. This contributes significantly to one’s cognitive abilities.

Optimal Learning Ability

When swimming, almost all parts of the body will move in a coordinated manner. This movement helps activate both sides of the brain at the same time. The effect is to increase communication between the two brains so that children will find it easier to learn new things.

So, now you know the benefits of swimming for children’s intelligence. So, for you parents, immediately accompany your child to swim from an early age. Because, there are so many benefits for the development, increased intelligence and emotionality of children.

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