The Dangers Of Consuming Overcooked Food

The Dangers Of Consuming Overcooked Food

The Dangers Of Consuming Overcooked Food

Sometimes, you accidentally leave the food being cooked for too long, eventually there are some parts that burn, especially on the meat. Even so, some people think that over cookfood can give a different taste and taste more crunchy. However, many people do not know that over cookfood can be a cause of cancer.

However, how can this overcooked food cause cancer cells to grow in the body? How high can it lead to someone suffering from cancer? Is this just a myth that spreads without any medical explanation? To find out more about this, you can read the review here!

When you celebrate eating by barbecue or eating food at an all you can eat restaurant, sometimes some food, especially meat, becomes too cooked or burns because there are many things to do. Some people still eat the meat, even though it looks burnt. In fact, eating over cookfood can actually be one of the causes of cancer.

Generally, foods that are cooked at high temperatures can form certain molecules called acrylamide. This content is a chemical that has toxic and carcinogenic properties in the industrial sector. When it enters the body, acrylamide can turn into glycidamide which can damage DNA. Uncontrolled cell growth due to DNA damage can lead to cancer.

Acrylamide is formed by the reaction of naturally occurring amino acid asparagine with several carbohydrates naturally. You cannot find this content in raw or processed foods that are boiled. In addition, dairy products, meat and fish are less likely to contain these harmful substances. However, incorrect processing can give rise to it. Acrylamide can also enter the body when smoking tobacco.

Then, what is the best way of cooking to do?

The Dangers Of Consuming Overcooked Food
The Dangers Of Consuming Overcooked Food

You can apply the “golden rule” that has been suggested by many medical experts, which is to cook food until it is yellow, not brown or black. This limits acrylamide formation, even if you cook at too low a temperature. However, another bad effect that can occur is that bacteria are not killed, so you can run a greater risk of food poisoning.

Apart from acrylamide, you can have a high risk of cancer because of the chemical content of PAH and HAC. Here is the explanation:

When cooking meat, there are two different chemicals that appear when the meat is cooked. The first chemicals are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are formed when fat and fruit juices drip onto a fire while frying, grilling, or roasting meat. Other chemical constituents are heterocyclic amines (HAC) which result from reactions between molecules, including amino acids and sugars.

HAC forms when meat is exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time. The longer the cooking process is carried out, the higher the content. The trick is to heat the meat in the microwave briefly before cooking on high. So that the cooking time can be reduced and the HAC produced decreases.

Therefore, it is better to always be careful when processing food so as to avoid burning parts. That way, you can reduce the risk of over cookfood which can cause cancer. Everyone knows that cancer is a dangerous disease, so make sure to always avoid it.

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