The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men

The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men

The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men

The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men
The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men

Masturbation is a way for both men and women to satisfy their sexual desires. Although it used to be considered taboo, now it seems that masturbation is starting to be understood by some people, because it is a personal and relatively normal choice.

Negative Impact of Masturbation Too Often :

However, this masturbation has a negative impact if done in a frequency that is too frequent. impact not only physically, but also psychologically. So, what is the impact of frequent masturbation on men?

The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men
The Dangers Of Masturbation In Men

1. Could injure Mr P

Masturbation can indeed make a person reach orgasm, like intercourse, but frequent masturbation can also cause skin problems. Mr. P. Don’t believe it? According to urologists from Southern Illinois University, United States, men who frequently masturbate can experience injury at some point in his penis.

These injuries can range from minor injuries to the skin, to more serious injuries. For example, causing Peyronie’s disease. This disease is a condition of plaque buildup on the penis due to the pressure generated (too pressing) when masturbating, which can cause the penis to bend when erect.

In addition, bending the penis forcibly while having an erection can also cause rupture of blood vessels. If the blood vessels are broken, the penis will appear purple and swollen. Hmm, scary right?

2. Trigger Depression

Too often masturbating can actually cause psychological problems. According to experts in a study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, men who frequently masturbate are at risk of developing depression. This is because the psychological condition worsens because of feelings of guilt after masturbation.

3. Disrupted Social Life

According to research, men who are not married and masturbate too often can develop compulsive masturbation. Well, in the end, this can interfere with everyday life. How come? The reason is, this imbalance between desire and personal needs can cause dizziness and want to get angry, if he has not masturbated. Well, this is what will interfere with social relationships with other people.

4. Swelling and rheumatism

Too often masturbation can also cause pain in Mr. P. Not only that, masturbation that is done continuously can also cause swelling conditions in Mr. P. In the medical world, it is called edema which is caused by a buildup of fluid. While this swelling may subside within a day or two, you should be aware of this condition.

5. Wasted Body Nutrition

Sexual fluids in men and women are formed from selenium and zinc. Now, if a man frequently masturbates, automatically the body fluids will be wasted more and more. As a result, the body can lack these important substances, which has an impact on the health of the body. Apart from selenium and zinc, frequent masturbation also causes the body to lack B-complex vitamins.

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