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The Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water

The Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water

The Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water
The Dangers Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is a fundamental part in the human body. Water is required for some things, for example, assisting with keeping up a sound body weight, flushing poisons from the body, and delivering body liquids, for example, salivation. Water additionally adds to customary entrail work, ideal muscle execution, and energetic looking and young skin.

However, if we consume less water, some symptoms will appear, such as back pain. The question is, what is the relationship between lack of drinking and back pain? Here is the review.

Lumbago Due to Lack of Drinking

The human backbone consists of the bones between each of the two bones, there is a joint bearing which functions to maintain the position of the spine. This section will prevent collisions between the bones, and reduce shocks that can harm the spine.

The inside of this spinal pad contains a gel-like material with a high water content. These pads can also thin out due to loss of water content, but this is not a problem because the body has water reserves to deal with it.

However, the conditions are different if you don’t drink enough to cause dehydration. If you don’t drink enough, back pain will occur because the body doesn’t have enough water to restore the flexibility of the spinal cushions.

As a result, these spinal pads can become thinner and are no longer effective in absorbing shocks. Gradually, the bone segment above the bearing will pinch the nerve underneath. Pressure on the nerves is what will then feel as back pain.

In addition, not drinking enough water also increases the risk of natural kidney stones. Kidney stones are deposits of minerals, salts, and other waste products that crystallize in the kidneys into rocks due to lack of drinking. Well, one of the symptoms of kidney stones is low back pain. The greater the number and size of kidney stones, the more unbearable the pain.

In addition, kidney stones can cause other symptoms such as pain that comes and goes due to the movement of the stone, pain when urinating, and back pain that feels worse. Immediately consult the nearest hospital if you experience back pain related to lack of drinking.

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