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The Effect Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

The Effect Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

The Effect Of Sleeping On Your Stomach
The Effect Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleep is the best way to rest the body. Even though it appears that we arenot doing anything from the outside, the body is actually still busy doing many things while sleeping, from repairing damaged body cells, keeping the blood flow smooth, releasing fatigue to restoring the body’s vitality so that it can still be optimally active. tomorrow.

Even getting enough sleep has been proven by many studies to be able to make the body stay young and prolong life. But unfortunately, it also depends on what kind of position you sleep in

A study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that sleeping on your stomach and on your side too often will actually accelerate aging, especially triggering wrinkled skin.

Sleeping on your stomach and on your side makes your skin wrinkledThis peer-reviewed publication from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that the pressure, stress, and shear forces the face receives during prone and sideways sleep cause facial distortion, causing wrinkles to form more quickly over time.

When sleeping, in the same way, every day, for example sleeping on your stomach or on your side for too long, the skin will also be affected by the force of gravity so that it can reduce the firmness of facial skin.

In addition, sleeping onyour stomach will also reduce oxygen intake because the respiratory system is obstructed, unlike when sleeping on your back. The skin doesn’t  get enough oxygen to regenerate damaged cells which prevent it from forming new cells.

But of course, the sleeping position is not the only factor that makes Fimela’s skin sagging and wrinkles. A healthy lifestyle such as exercise and food also greatly affects skin aging. But as much as possible sleep on your back so that the skin doesn’t wrinkle quickly.


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