Treatment Of Boils On Head

Treatment Of Boils On Head

Treatment Of Boils On Head
Treatment Of Boils On Head

Treatment Of Boils On Head. A boil is a lump in an uncontrolled position that occurs due to inflammation of the hair follicle and is accompanied by a bacterial infection of Staphylococcus aureus. Boils that contain blood and pus are white blood cells that have been damaged by fighting the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus so that it swells in certain areas of the body.

Boils usually only occur on parts of the body that are overgrown with hair, especially on parts of the body that have folds such as the armpits, knees, groin, neck, and others. Although there are no folds on the head, the presence of hair follicles allows ulcers on the head.

Management Of Boils That Are Damaged

What about when boils are ripe and peca, when boils on your head or body are ripe and have lots of pus, it helps you not force the pus out. Because if it is wrong in its handling, it can infect the nearest area, it can even trigger new infections and other ulcers.

So that pus can come out completely, ask for expert help. Or the doctor will make a small incision in the boil and use sterile cotton to absorb and remove pus. This process must be done carefully and thoroughly with the experts.

Here Are Some Signs And Symptoms Of Boils On The Head That Are Easily Known:

Treatment Of Boils On Head
Treatment Of Boils On Head
  1. the occurrence of small bumps on the head that are inflamed and reddish in color
  2. The lump is accompanied by pain and continues to swell
  3. The contents of the reddish lump are pus
  4. Boils can rupture and produce pus and blood in them
  5. Ulcers in the head are usually accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever and enlarged lymph nodes.

Risk Factors For Ulcers On The Head:

  1. Exposed to friction on the skin of the head
  2. Lack of hygiene to the head area
  3. Use a comb that is not clean or sharp
  4. Often exchange combs with other people
  5. Excessive sweating in the head area
  6. Patients with diabetes mellitus
  7. The body’s immune system is low
  8. Consuming / using mushroom drugs or antiviral drugs in the long term
  9. Obesity

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Here Are Some Ways To Treat Ulcers On The Head Naturally And Medically:

1. Compress with warm water

Compress with warm warm water is to make boils on the head dry quickly. Wet the sterile gauze with warm water and place the gauze on the head with boils for 10-15 minutes. do it 2 times a day until the boils dry out.

2. Use oral boils

The following are some oral medications for boils that can be used:

  • Paracetamol

Paracetamol is very effective in reducing fever. In addition, drugs that contain paracetamol can also reduce the pain that comes from ulcers.

  • Amoxicillin

Other ulcer drugs that can also be used are drugs from the penicillin group. Like amoxicillin.

  • Cephalosporins

Cephalosporins can also be done as a way to treat boils on the head with fever. Some of the drug content that is included in this group are cephalexin, cephadin, cefadroxyl, cefachlor, and cefprozil.

In further treatment please consult with your doctor. !!!

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