Types of Mesothelioma Treatment

Types of Mesothelioma Treatment

Types of Mesothelioma Treatment
Types of Mesothelioma Treatment

There are many ways and types of mesothelioma treatment but very few are successful. Because mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer, treatment methods for treating mesothelioma syndrome are still quite minimal. However, there are several types of treatment that can be done to control or reduce the symptoms experienced and extend the chance of life for sufferers.

Another alternative treatment that can help with shortness of breath is acupuncture. This therapy uses thin needles that are inserted at precise points into the skin. Physiotherapy. A physical therapist can teach you breathing techniques to use when you feel short of breath. Treatment Using this technique can help you feel more in control of your breathing. Relaxation exercises. Tension and gentle relaxation of muscles can also help feel more comfortable and can make it easier for sufferers to breathe. Your doctor may refer you to a therapist who can teach you relaxation exercises so that you can practice them on your own.

Mesothelioma Treatment

Treatment options depend on the location of the mesothelioma, the stage of the cancer, and the type of cancer cells. Options that can be made are:

  1. surgery
  2. chemotherapy
  3. radiation therapy
  4. pleurodesis: “sticking” the lining of the lung / pleura to prevent continuous fluid formation

Unfortunately mesothelioma has a poor prognosis. Half of mesothelioma sufferers can live at least one year after being diagnosed. However, only 10% can live up to five years after being diagnosed.

These types of treatment are:

1. Operation

There are two types of surgery that are considered to actively treat pleural mesothelioma, namely extrapleural pneumonectomy. Extrapleural pneumonectomy is by removing the tumor and pleura, the lung affected by the diaphragm and part of the lining of the heart, or pleurectomy with lung decortication that clears the pleura and disease as much as possible in the patient. Surgical procedures are usually performed when mesothelioma syndrome is still in its early stages. And there are several choices of actions that doctors may take during surgery, namely:

Removal of as many cancer cells as possible from the person’s body. This action can support treatment with radiotherapy to reduce pain and inhibit cancer growth.

The second way is suction of fluids due to the buildup of fluid in the chest area which can interfere with breathing. This is done by inserting a catheter tube into the patient’s chest. And doctors can also inject drugs to glue the pleural cavity so that fluid can’t build up again. This procedure is also known as pleurodesis.

2. Chemotherapy

This is a therapeutic treatment that is done by giving anticancer drugs to destroy and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be done before surgery to shrink the tumor, make it easier to remove the tumor, and reduce the risk of the cancer coming back.

3. Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy)

This therapeutic treatment uses X-rays and proton rays that are focused on specific areas of the body. Radiation therapy is usually done after a person has undergone a surgical procedure, to remove the remaining cancer cells. This type of treatment therapy is also used to reduce symptoms of advanced cancer when surgery is no longer possible.

4. Pleurodesis

This procedure closes the cavity between the outside of the lung and the chest wall. This cavity is known as the pleural cavity. Through pleurodesis, the buildup of fluid or air in the pleural cavity can be avoided. In pleurodesis, the doctor will insert the drug into the pleural cavity. This medication can irritate the pleural lining, causing the surface to become sticky and stick together. As a result, the cavity that forms between the two pleural layers will be lost. With this, the formation of a collection of fluid or air in the cavity can be prevented. Read More !

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