Vaccines Cause Autism? These are the facts

Vaccines Cause Autism? These are the facts

Vaccines Cause Autism. Naturally, if parents worry about the health condition of their children. Everything always needs more attention, especially about vaccines. The reason is, news circulating that the vaccine given triggers children to experience autism and makes parents decide to reconsider or not vaccinate.

In fact, vaccines are important for increasing children’s immunity. Vaccines are substances that have been weakened in the body to fight diseases related to the type of vaccine given. Not giving vaccines to children can make their bodies vulnerable to deadly diseases.

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Vaccines Cause Autism? These are the facts
Vaccines Cause Autism? These are the facts

Vaccines and Autism, How Did They Really Begin?

Initially, there was an assumption that giving children the MMR type vaccine actually triggered symptoms of autism. Not only that, the children who got the vaccine experienced problems with their digestion, which was followed by enlarged lymph ducts in the digestive tract.

This assumption refers to the statement that giving the MMR vaccine triggers inflammation of the intestine which allows protein to enter the bloodstream and flow to the brain. This protein causes disruption in child development.

Do not stop there. Thimerosal, which is one of the compounds found in the vaccine, is suspected to be a toxin for the nervous system. Giving vaccines at the same time and adjacent to can weaken the body’s immunity which leads to autism in the baby.

It turns out that the MMR vaccine that was the origin of this controversy has nothing to do with autism. The reason is, the symptoms of mental disorders in this child do not begin with digestive disorders like this study. Not only that, the MMR vaccine does not make the intestines inflamed or damage the membrane that serves as the lining of the digestive system.

Vaccines Cause Autism? These are the facts
Vaccines Cause Autism? These are the facts

Then, what about the thimerosal compounds contained in the vaccine? Ethyl mercury compounds in thimerosal have not been shown to cause autism in children. This can be seen in the different symptoms that appear in autism and mercury compound poisoning. In order to make parents not worry, some countries have decided not to use thimerosal anymore, while the rest are still using it within reasonable and permissible limits.

Not only that, parents need to provide clear, complete, and correct information to doctors about the child’s medical condition, because this can refer to whether or not the MMR vaccine is given. Ask the doctor about this, so that the mother becomes clearer and no longer worried about vaccinating children.


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