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What Are Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

What Are Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

What Are Enlarged Prostate Symptoms
What Are Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases affecting a man. The prostate is a semen / sperm-producing organ that functions to provide nutrients to the sperm. The prostate is located on the side of the urethra, the channel that functions to channel urine from the bladder. If the prostate gland is disturbed and swollen, you will experience interference when urinating. this condition is most common in older men. Enlargement of the prostate gland may also occur due to inflammation of the urethra.

Below are some risk factors for prostate gland enlargement:

  1. Age is very influential in the enlargement of the prostate gland, rarely found this symptom at the age of under 40 years. Nearly half of men will complain of symptoms of enlarged prostate glands at the age of 80 years in general.
  2. Family history for someone who has a father or grandfather who has an enlarged prostate gland also has a greater risk of being passed down the same disease.
  3. Some studies show that the health condition of a person with diabetes and heart disease, especially the consumption of beta blocker drugs, has a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyles, Lack of physical activity such as exercise so that overweight increases, this is very risky for an enlarged prostate gland.
What Are Enlarged Prostate Symptoms
What Are Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Early symptoms of prostate cancer

The signs that you might experience if you have prostate cancer are:

  • Changes in urination habits, such as frequent urination at night
  • it is difficult to stop the flow of urine
  • Difficult to urinate
  • weak or diminished urine flow
  • intermittent urine flow
  • a feeling that the bladder is still full
  • burning or pain when urinating
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria) or semen
  • feels pain when ejaculating

How to prevent prostate cancer

Nothing is impossible if we want to try, prostate cancer can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle choice, which is a low-fat diet. Foods that contain fat include meat, nuts, oils and dairy products, such as milk and cheese, and continue to control your health.

Try to consume more fat derived from plants. Several studies have shown that animal fat is more likely to be associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Examples of animal products that contain fat include meat, lard, and butter.

consume fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fatty acid that has been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer

Reduce to consume milk every day. In several studies men who consume a lot of milk such as cheese milk and yogurt have the highest risk for prostate cancer. Try to consume water preferably.

Keep your body weight proportionally try to maintain it by exercising continuously and choosing a healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables. because men who are obese are more at risk for prostate cancer. healthy greetings.



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