What Are The Effects Of No Exercise

What Are The Effects Of No Exercise

What Are The Effects Of No Exercise
What Are The Effects Of No Exercise

In addition to maintaining a diet, the way to keep the body healthy and fit is regular exercise. However, due to some reasons, a person may be forced to skip exercise for a long time. For example, because they are sick or can’t find free time in the middle of a busy life.

Routine exercise every day serves to maintain a balance between energy that enters and that is released by the body. Adults are encouraged to exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity a week or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise a week. However, there are impacts that must be received by the body when exercising less, namely:

1. Weight Increase

Lazy to move can make fat in the body continue to accumulate and will ultimately make you gain weight. This happens because there is no balance between incoming energy and energy leaving the body.

In addition, not exercising tends to make a person have a poor diet as well. One of them is the urge to always eat fast food that tastes more delicious, even though it may have a negative impact on the body. Conversely, when a person regularly exercises, he is usually more likely to maintain a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

2. Metabolism slows down

Lack of exercise can reduce the metabolic rate in the body. In fact, a slow metabolism can increase a person’s risk of experiencing weight gain, even obesity which can invite and increase the risk of other diseases.

3. Insomnia

What Are The Effects Of No Exercise
What Are The Effects Of No Exercise

Lack of exercise can lead to insomnia or sleep disorders. Because, the body that rarely moves stores a lot of energy so that a person can stay up all night. Additionally, people who don’t exercise tend to have trouble sleeping well and still feel tired when they wake up in the morning.

4. Easily Tired

Many people skip sports because they “don’t want to be tired.” In fact, not exercising makes it easier for the body to feel tired. People who don’t exercise usually feel tired more easily, even when doing the slightest activity. The reason is, rarely working on the body can make you weak and untrained, so even small activities can feel tiring.

Launching from Medline Plus, lack of exercise can also make bones weak. This can relax the muscles around the bone and increase the risk of osteoporosis or bone loss.

5. Susceptible to Chronic Disease

The bad impact that can occur when not exercising is an increase in blood sugar levels which increase the risk of diabetes. This is because muscles and other tissues do not work optimally, they cannot even absorb sugar for energy. As a result, blood sugar jumped sharply after five days of not exercising.

The article published in Live Strong also states that lack of exercise reduces circulation, thereby increasing inflammation and preventing the immune system from functioning optimally. Read More!

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