Why Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples

Why Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples

Why Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples
Why Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples

 The appearance of pimples on the face can interfere with appearance. Especially if the pimples you experience are quite large, prominent, and red. It must feel like hurrying to get rid of it. Well, not a few people like to squeeze or break pimples so that they disappear quickly.

In fact, popping a pimple by yourself is not necessarily able to get rid of pimples, in fact it can actually make acne more inflamed. From parents to doctors, they must have warned you not to squeeze pimples. The reason is, squeezing pimples can actually make it worse, it can even cause skin infections. This is the reason why popping pimples can cause skin infections.

When you squeeze a pimple, you automatically push the dirt from the pores to get deeper into the follicles. This can cause the follicle wall to break and spread bacteria and dirt into the dermis or the lower layers of the skin, especially if you squeeze pimples with dirty hands. The rupture of the follicle and spread of bacteria to a deeper layer then causes skin infections and acne becomes more inflamed.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Why Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples
Why Is It Bad To Pop Your Pimples

Dermatologists can use several different techniques to get rid of acne physically, one of which is called acne extraction. This extraction is carried out using sterile instruments. This method is usually offered when other acne treatments haven’t helped. Another technique that dermatologists use is corticosteroid injections. However, this treatment is usually aimed at removing acne cysts or nodules that are very deep and painful.

To dispose of enormous pimples or excruciating skin break out knobs, a dermatologist may likewise utilize a methodology called a cut and waste. This includes utilizing a sterile needle or surgical tool to open the stain and afterward eliminate the substance inside.

While waiting for the pimples to deflate on their own, you may be very tempted to squeeze or pimple pimples. Launching from the American Academy of Dermatology Association, here are three main tips to prevent infection and help you get clean skin in no time:

  • Keep hands away from face. Avoid touching, prying, and popping pimples which can make acne worse.
  • Ice. Some pimples can be painful, especially pimples that are shaped like nodules and cysts. Ice can reduce inflammation and reduce pain.
  • Treat acne. Many people can clear acne with acne medications that are sold in pharmacies. However, acne medication still takes time to work. If you don’t see results in 4-6 weeks, it’s best to ask your doctor about other treatments that are more effective. Read More !!!

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